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KAPP NILES Company Brochure

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o KAPP NILES precision for motion

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Engineering to perfection demands persistence and consistency to incorporate experience, knowledge and curiosity, to eagerly put ideas and innovations into practice.

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yesterday – today – tomorrow KAPP NILES in motion – globally: with innovative machine solutions for challenging gears and profiles. KAPP NILES is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machines and tools for the hard finishing of gears and profiles. Complementing high-precision metrology makes KAPP NILES the best partner for production solutions. Around 800 highly-specialised employees represent the power of innovation and the expertise of the company that has grown throughout the decades. The KAPP machine tool factory, founded in Coburg in 1953, and the company NILES, established in...

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new – proven – unique KAPP NILES unites innovative processes and proven technology for optimised customer solutions. All system solutions have one thing in common - maximum precision in the production of workpieces. Proven machine concepts in connection with well-engineered processing technologies secure that. Every machine is unique and each individual production system is tuned to the specific customer processing requirements. The KAPP NILES programme offers the ideal system solution for the demands of every customer. Whether as small as 8 mm or as big as 8 m: KAPP NILES always provides a...

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land – water – air KAPP NILES customers lead the way for the world: moving things and people some in micrometres, others in a really big way. Maximum precision is necessary so that gearboxes ensure perfect drive or industrial robots work accurately to the millimetre. Gear systems must mesh precisely – KAPP NILES makes sure of it. KAPP NILES in the field • vehicle technology • aerospace Integrated profile dressing unit quickly and reliably forms grinding tools. Precise motion and perfect power transmission are decisive for the success of our customers - particularly in those cases where...

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planned – tested – secured KAPP NILES machines secure the success of the production: giving gears and profiles the last decisive touch. Over 120 years of experience in building machine tools – on this solid foundation, the KAPP NILES specialists develop innovative production technologies, new machine functions, suitable tools and process solutions. Maximum precision in the KAPP NILES production secures the excellent quality of the products. For that reason, all decisive components are produced exclusively in the plants in Coburg, Berlin and Aschaffenburg. The KAPP NILES specialists use...

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KAPP tools are in best form - time and time again: non-dressable, with renewable CBN or diamond coating and dressable, conditioned with highly precise dressing tools. A precise grinding result - thousands of    range of tools times - is no problem with the best high-performance tools developed for the machine and the workpiece. The premier    • non-dressable tools class is the non-dressable profile grinding    with CBN or diamond coating wheel made of tempered steel base units with sturdy CBN coating.    • dressable tools ceramically bonded with Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN), a by-product...

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research – knowledge – know-how KAPP NILES stands for high performance - also in the field of learning: in research collaborations with universities and with numerous trainees within the company. The precision that KAPP NILES employees have achieved today was only a vision years ago. Today it has proven itself in practice. In the future, the KAPP NILES specialists are also going to meet the challenges of the customers with innovative solutions in proven quality. Passing on experience and knowledge to the next generation of employees is a guarantee for KAPP NILES quality. To this purpose...

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Coburg – Berlin – worldwide KAPP NILES stands for 100 % “Made in Germany” – with facilities and service teams close to the customers and nevertheless at home worldwide. Coburg, Germany (headquarters) KAPP NILES GmbH & Co. KG Products: machine tools Services: sales, service, spare parts and technology support Berlin, Germany KAPP NILES GmbH & Co. KG Products: machine tools Services: sales, service, spare parts and technology support Coburg, Germany KAPP Technologie GmbH Products: non-dressable CBN- and diamond plated grinding tools, dressing tools Services: sales, service, spare parts and...

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KAPP NILES E-Mail:    info@kapp-niles.com Internet: www.kapp-niles.com KAPP NILES GmbH & Co. KG Callenberger Str. 52 96450 Coburg Germany Phone:    +49 9561 866-0 KAPP NILES GmbH & Co. KG Berlin Plant Nordring 20 12681 Berlin Germany Phone:    +49 30 93033-0 KAPP Technologie GmbH Gartnersleite 2 96450 Coburg Germany Phone:    +49 9561 866-0 KAPP NILES Metrology GmbH DaimlerstraBe 17 63741 Aschaffenburg Germany Phone:    +49 6021 58335-0 KAPP TECHNOLOGIES L.P. 2870 Wilderness Place Boulder, CO 80301 USA Phone:    +1 303 447-1130 KAPPTEC INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO DE mAquinas E FERRAMENTAS...

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