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Time recording with the Terminal B-web 93 00 - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

BEYOND SECURITY Time recording with the Elegant design with innovative usability concept

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«Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.» Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Time recording with the Terminal B-web 93 00

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Design and functionality – B-web 93 00 sets new standards The new B-web 93 00 terminal series sets new standards with its design language and innovative configuration concept. You define the software extension in the hardware that comes in two colours. Simple, flexible and secure investment, the terminal grows with your needs without having to be taken off the wall. Investment protection Guide by Light >>Intuitive user guidance >>Compatible with previous terminal series >>Compatible with current RFID technologies >>Versatile powering with Power-overEthernet, 230 V AC, 24 V as well as uninterruptible...

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Simple operation Guide by Light This intuitive concept facilitates simple and convenient operation of the terminal. There are illuminating keys for basic functions like «in», «out» and «absence». For advanced features such as language selection and customized lists, there are special keys beside the display. Numbers are entered through a numeric keypad including «clear» and «enter» commands. Time recording with the Terminal B-web 93 00 Simple operation The RFID reader symbol also lights up when the reading of RFID medium is required to identify the employee. This interaction between brightly illuminated...

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Easy installation Quick and secure with the 1-Click installation B-web terminals are principally delivered with a docking station for wall installation. The standard version does not need a power cable, as the terminal runs on Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), available through the network cable, just like data transfer. A 1-Click installation is sufficient. 1-Click installation also means that the terminals are delivered with DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) and register in the network automatically. There they are recognized by the communication software B-COMM, allocated to a channel and...

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Functional enhancements One hardware, many functions The B-web 93 00 terminal series adapts according to your requirements. You decide which of the four available modules you want to use: 93 00, 93 20, 93 40 or 93 60. Subsequent functional extensions are always possible. Time recording with the Terminal B-web 93 00 Online functional extensions Suppose you opted for the basic B-web 93 00 entry model for recording «in» and «out» data. After some time, you want to extend the functionality to include «extended information». You do not have to take the terminal off the docking station or undertake...

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Easy replacement Damage to the equipment by external factors Speed is essential in case of damage to the terminal. Every failed booking costs money. That is why the B-web 93 00 has an integrated 1-click replacement feature. Click off the defective terminal, click in the new one, log on and continue working. The configuration remains secure in the background and is available immediately. A secure integration platform is at hand in the form of B-COMM communication software. This proven software administers and secures the integration of all registered terminals. This ensures that all parameters...

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B-COMM and B-web are registered trademarks of the Kaba GmbH. Subject to technical changes without notice! Order No. 04041543, version 062014

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