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Catalogue excerpts

Inspiring clarity Glass solutions at a glance.

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»Our comprehensive know-how: I ­nnovative fittings and locking s ­ ystems for impressive glass s ­ ystems. Light glass architecture harmonizes with smart access s ­ olutions in offices, creating safety and freedom in ­ lanning. At home, p contemporary room partitions give reason to new cosiness. From the planner to the end customer, they all feel what we ­ rovide. p We live glass.« Service Design Quality Innovation Partnership

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Content Transparency is an important design factor in modern architecture. No other material can give you such interesting insights and beautiful views, such fascinating new perspectives and provide so much light like glass. Especially for interior design, glass opens up new dimensions and creates smooth transitions between different functional areas. Our fittings and glass systems turn this fascinating material into elegant toughened glass doors, systems and sliding panels with which you can design creative rooms and create architectural highlights. Discover the variety of customized solutions,...

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65 Horizontal sliding walls 66 HSW EASY Safe with top and bottom door rails 68 FSW EASY Safe Folding sliding wall system with top and bottom door rails 69 HSW-GP with single-point-fixed panels 70 HSW FLEX Therm with circumferential frame and thermal separation 71 HSW-R fully-framed 72 Handles for sliding door, double-action and singleaction door systems 72 Pull handles 72 Recessed pull grips 73 Lever handles

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dormakaba – reliable know-how under a new brand The new dormakaba illustrates what can be experienced after the merger of Dorma and Kaba: a strong foundation for the complementary ­segments. With more than 150 years of experience, we stand for security, sustainability and reliability. Thanks to this merger, we are becoming stronger several times over. Due to the complementarity of both companies, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions and services for secure access to buildings and rooms – now all from a single source. The portfolio is complemented by time and enter- prise data...

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#WeLiveGlass Glass doors can separate and unite. They structure the room, invigorate it and show what we are all about with every movement: #WeLiveGlass. We combine contemporary transparency with a high level of safety with our innovations. A combination that will become increasingly important in the rooms of today and tomorrow. Whether it's for communication, creativity and, last but not least, coziness: the rooms of today do not need thick walls, but rather openness. SERVICE – TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS DESIGN – CREATIVE DESIGN WITH GLASS SYSTEMS QUALITY – FOR SUSTAINABLE USABILITY We assist you...

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»As a wholesaler, I believe success means having loyal customers. When you can fully satisfy their requirements, the odds of follow-up business increase. Our success is based on the following: my expertise, competent advising, an attractive offering in our web shop and informative marketing material. I convey a sense of security, because dormakaba offers the right service: technical support, planning, warranty and maintenance. Service Design Quality Innovation Partnership

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Service Design Quality Innovation Partnership Transparent and service-oriented. We make it easy for you: We provide what you need in the same format in which you use it. Your success starts with us: Partial deliveries and delivery on time are our day-to-day business. However customized your construction project is, we plan it in a detailed manner and make it a reality with you. If you sell our products, then we support you in in all activities. Take advantage of our comprehensive marketing materials and end customer campaigns. Your business is also our business. We live glass, which means that...

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Manual sliding door systems Manual sliding door systems 01 01 Complex challenges require customized solutions. That's why we offer several manual sliding door systems for barrier-free living, work and life situations. With their versatility and elegant look, function and aesthetics, the sliding door systems offer extensive solutions for your requirements. MUTO • he compact and multifuncT tional sliding door • Up to 150 kg panel weight • Visible technology • mooth-running and quiet S ­single- point fitting • Up to 80 kg panel weight • ith clamp fittings and cover W profile • Up to 120 kg pane

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The style of MUTO is remarkably compact. Yet, the complex t ­ echnology is skillfully and in­ visibly integrated. MUTO offers many functions that make for an elegant sliding door system: e.g a self-closing function without external power supply, the independent concealed mechanical locking or the status indicator that allows you to monitor the door in a building management system. MUTO stands for excellent design:

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Manual sliding door systems Compact and multifunctional MUTO Whether with glass or wood – MUTO creates elegant transitions from one room to another. MUTO stands for high-quality technology, discreetly hidden in the compact track rail, and continuously quiet operating behavior. Graduated system sizes and various selectable functional characteristics allow you to customize the design of the sliding door. And should requirements change, you can still install additional functions at a later time. Your benefits: • For glass or wooden solutions, lightweight and heavy doors (50–150 kg) • Easy to install...

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Manual sliding door systems Multifunctional MUTO Self-closing. Simply hassle-free. With self-closing function: MUTO closes the door automatically and quietly without an external energy supply and contributes to a pleasant indoor climate. Integrated locking device. No distractions. DORMOTION. Enjoy the peace and quiet. Integrated locking device. The stand-alone electromechanical lock is invisibly integrated into the track rail profile. The lock can be conveniently locked via a remote control or wall switch. Added comfort: The DORMOTION function gently stops the door at the last centimeter and automatically...

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