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Phoenix doors
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Catalogue excerpts

_ - Sliding folding _ Straight sliding

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Phoenix doors open to the world - literally. From train depots to ambulance and fire stations to helicopter, light aircraft and army tank hangars to retail loading bays, power stations and heavy industrial projects - the Phoenix range of Swift, Osprey and Kingfisher doors have been installed on such projects across the globe. Phoenix doors are your 24/7 choice for strength, reliability and efficiency. Main image: Siemens West Coast Mainline Depot, Northampton Right: Cut-out for overhead line equipment, First Capital Connect, Bedford Cauldwell Depot Far right: Alstom West Coast Traincare, Edge...

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When the speed of opening is critical, the Phoenix range of doors work fast every time. Swift bi-folding doors open fully in less than seven seconds and, because all Phoenix range doors open horizontally, the driver of the vehicle can see exactly when it is safe to exit or enter. Expensive and time consuming damage to doors or vehicles - a common characteristic of other door types - is a thing of the past. Emergency service doors must also be reliable - 100% reliable. Phoenix doors open time after time. For new build or refurbishment, Phoenix doors come in three models; Swift, Osprey and Kingfisher,...

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Accomplished solutions Phoenix doors excel when it comes to robust design, quality manufacture, simple installation and low maintenance, meeting a variety of specifications, environments and aesthetic requirements. Comprising the Swift, Osprey and Kingfisher door types, the Phoenix range of insulated sliding and folding doors has many class-leading features: I Manually, electrically or automatically operated - for effortless, high-speed and reliable operation time after time. Robust and high quality components throughout - for strength, durability and security. Excellent value for money - whole-life...

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Dubai Civil Defence, Port Saeed fire station. Osprey doors slide across the opening, then fold behind the jambs. Bi-folding, sliding folding and straight sliding doors

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Phoenix Swift Osprey Kingfisher South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue HQ, Eyre Street, Sheffield. Fully glazed Swift doors provide maximum visibility on entering a busy street. Dearne Valley Fire Station, Rotherham. Automatic Swift doors take only seven seconds to open fully, regardless of size. Hornsey Traction Maintenance Depot, London. Air curtains installed above the door make Swift doors an ideal solution. Toyota Megaworkshop, Muscat, Oman. Kingfisher sliding doors blend seamlessly into the wall. First Capital Connect, Bedford. Bi-folding Swifts allow OLHE wires to pass, and there is no bottom door...

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Phoenix Swift Osprey Kingfisher Howe Barracks, Canterbury. Osprey doors form a continuous wall of doors covering eight vehicle workshop bays. Private estate, Northern Ireland. Electrically operated Osprey doors are a perfect solution for helicopter hangars. National Tramway Museum, Crich Tramway Village. Outward opening Swift doors allow maximum working area within the workshop. Scania Assembly Plant, Jebel Ali, UAE. 9m wide by 5m high Osprey doors offer full width opening for large vehicles. The Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden Aerodrome. Manually operated Osprey doors are lightweight to move...

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Safety surpassed Phoenix doors are intrinsically safe, designed in accordance with BS EN 13241-1:2003 - the Product Standard for industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates, and are CE marked. Safety features to manually operated doors include easy-grip handles, anti-slip threshold plates, full height finger trap seals, toe protection, and non-breakable windows. In electric and automatic operation, Phoenix doors offer increased opening and closing safety. Electro sensitive and pressure sensitive protective equipment around the opening, instant low level manual override devices and the slowing...

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