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The Mark of Excellence & Innovation Horizontal bi-folding, sliding/folding and straight- sliding doors - external door systems designed to operate in any business sector.

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THE PHOENIX RANGE Product Range Introduction. (MANUAL) SHORT NAME SIDE-HUNG BI-FOLDING HANGING ARRANGEMENT The Phoenix range of horizontally sliding and folding doors are a proven choice for businesses across the globe. The doors’ robust design, excellent insulation properties, ease of operation, safety, reliability and low maintenance make them the perfect choice – whatever the industry. 1, 2 or 3 leaves to each side, i.e. 2+1, 3+0, 3+2 TOP-HUNG FOLDING multiple leaf configurations. upto 10 leaves folding to one or each side. TOP-HUNG SLIDING multiple leaf configurations. 1 leaf per track...

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An extremely versatile door from the Phoenix range, the Osprey top-hung sliding/folding door combines robust design with modern appearance to provide the ideal door system for wider span openings. Swift by name, swift by nature. The Swift door is a side-hung, fast opening, insulated flat panel bi-folding door, which is arguably the simplest and most reliable industrial door system available on the market. In its basic four (2+2) leaf manual form, a flick of the wrist will disengage top and bottom shoot bolts and swing open each door half instantly providing the user full opening clearance....

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The Kingfisher is a traditional, straight-sliding door system, which can be configured to suit any width of opening and up to 7 metres in height. Whether for a private aircraft hangar or a university workshop, the Kingfisher door will fit. Available as either a bottom-rolling or top-hung system, sliding on one or multiple tracks, manual or electrically operated, the Kingfisher is a highly versatile performer. Sliding leaves are factory pre-assembled by joining up to four panels to rigid top and bottom tubular rails, which support in-house designed sliding door gear. Pre-assembly and...

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Efficient. Durable. Proven. Keeping Your Facility on Track. The Phoenix range is an established choice for industrial doors throughout general aviation. Their reliability, simple operation, versatility and immaculate safety record has resulted in a loyal customer base that continues to grow. Engineered and manufactured with the highest quality components and complying with stringent European safety standards, the Phoenix range of doors is rapidly becoming the mainstay of rail facilities around the world, with projects completed throughout the UK and as far afield as Bergen, Doha, Dubai,...

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EMERGENCY SERVICES COMMERCIAL & PRIVATE When Every Second Counts. Designed for Today’s World. In any emergency, time is a precious commodity. When response times are critical, you can be assured that the Phoenix range of doors will open fast and safely, every time. Industrial, commercial and private facilities across the world rely on service. Without fast, safe and reliable access, manufacturing processes, distribution lines and service providers can grind to a halt. For over 30 years, the Swift bi-folding door has proved to be an extremely reliable and cost effective door solution in Fire...

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The Mark of Excellence & Innovation 9 Jewers Doors Ltd, Stratton Business Park, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, SG18 8QB, United Kingdom

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