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Catalogue excerpts

From our establishment in 1957, we have become one of the oldest exclusive manufacturers of commercial flooring in the United States. As one of the largest privately held mills, our FAMILY-OWNERSHIP a heritage of proven performance and expansive industry knowledge. Most importantly, our focus has always been on people... ensuring them that our products deliver the highest levels of BEAUTY, PERFORMANCE (cover) Skyline Panorama, monolithic. (right) Elevated Panorama, brick. S K Y L I N E / E L E VAT E D

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(above) Skyline Vanishing Point, ashlar. (left) Skyline Zenith, non-directional. City Blocks II Taylor Square, broadloom.

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(left) Skyline Sight Line, quarter turn. (below) Skyline Zenith with Index Volume. (top) Skyline Overlook, non-directional with Index Volume. (right) Elevated Overlook and Vista, monolithic.

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Elevated Overlook and Vista, monolithic.

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product details corporate programs FIBER Encore® SD Ultima® (with recycled content) A high strength acrylic latex-based carpet adhesive specifically formulated for bonding modular PVC backed carpet to the floor. This premium adhesive is for use with all Invision Nexus Modular Tile products. This adhesive is guaranteed for the life of the installation when used in accordance with the J+J Flooring Group Carpet Installation Handbook. Commercialon Premium Modular Adhesive meets the CRI Low-VOC Emission Criteria, CRI ID# PSA-425402. Commercialon Premium Modular Adhesive is non toxic, has ultra-low...

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