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Catalogue excerpts


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From our establishment in 1957, we have become one of the oldest exclusive manufacturers of commercial flooring in the United States. As one of the largest privately held mills, our FAMILY-OWNERSHIP a heritage of proven performance and expansive industry knowledge. Most importantly, our focus has always been on people... ensuring them that our products deliver the highest levels of BEAUTY, PERFORMANCE (cover) Propel Guide with Nudge accent, quarter turn (right) Propel Roll, with Shunt accent, quarter turn. PROPEL

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(above) Propel Guide, quarter turn.

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kinetex overview where to use kinetex Healthcare (left) Propel Advance with Pop Morado inset, quarter turn and Nudge, quarter turn. (below) Propel Outpace with Advance accent,quarter turn. Fitness Centers Acute care hospitals, medical office buildings, urgent care clinics, outpatient surgery Health Clubs/Gyms • Dry Locker Room Areas Kinetex® is an advanced textile composite flooring that combines centers, outpatient physical therapy/rehab centers, outpatient imaging centers, etc. key attributes of soft-surface floor covering with the long-wearing • Cafeteria, dining areas performance characteristics...

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Kinetex Installation Installing Kinetex is as easy as traditional modular carpet, however special attention should be applied until installers gain experience with module placement. Installers should perform site and material conditioning, surface preparation, concrete pH and moisture testing as if they were installing J+J Flooring Group carpet modules. Roller Mobility Safety (and for the Multitudes) Kinetex’s unique construction creates one of the most slip resistant flooring surfaces ever tested, wet or dry — reducing the potential for slip and fall injuries. Its unique low profile also has...

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product flexibilities corporate programs ALTERNATE ADHESIVES PreFix™ Pre-Applied Releasable Adhesive In 2007, we developed the R4 program (return, reuse, recycle, reduce) specifically for our customers across the country to facilitate the recycling of all Invision carpet samples and architect folders that are no longer needed. J+J PreFix, a quick installation for all Kinetex textile composite flooring products. The release liner easily peels away to reveal a series of pre-applied adhesive strips that securely anchor the Kinetex module in place. Green Circle - Zero Waste to Landfill Operations...

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colorline overview coordinating palette Analog Mono Beyond the beauty of individual products, our flooring coordinates effortlessly with each other. This offering enables you to blend a range of designs with tonal simplicity to create palettes that reflect the demands of each unique space.

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product details Phyical Characteristics wear layer backing Universal Fibers SM As a global leader in the production of solution dyed fiber in multiple chemistries, Universal Fibers enjoys a well-earned reputation for partnered innovation. Our durable lightweight PET fiber delivers unmatched performance for stain and abrasion resistance, colorfastness, and ease in care and maintenance. And, since Universal Fibers’ products are solution dyed, zero water is used in the dye process. total thickness (nominal average) We stand behind every aspect of Kinetex and extend certain lifetime warranties. Each...

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