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Airborne Noise Reduction Structure-Borne Noise Reduction The airborne noise reduction test measures a surface’s ability to absorb airborne sounds that contribute to ambient noise. The typical frequency range for normal human hearing is 100-10,000 Hz. A floor covering’s measure of effectiveness in absorbing airborne sound is expressed as the NRC. The greater the absorption, the higher the NRC number. A surface that completely eliminates sound has an NRC of 1.0. The structure-borne noise reduction test studies a surface’s ability to absorb impact noises, reducing surface noise generation and impact sound transmission into the space below. Footsteps and objects dropping on the floor are examples of impact noises. The measure is expressed as a whole number - IIC. The higher the numerical rating, the greater the sound insulation. Acoustical Performance Acoustic Properties of Flooring Human Voice Background Noise (HVAC, Mechanical Systems) Loud Noise Absorption Coefficient Kinetex’s Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and Impact Insulation Classification (IIC) ratings are among the highest of any commercial flooring product. This unparalleled acoustic performance results in dramatic reductions in both airborne and structure-borne noise. Its excellent IIC rating and NRC effectively promotes greater voice recognition, fewer mistakes, less vocal strain, enhanced learning and improved occupant perception. 18oz. Carpet face weight Smooth surface Typical Frequency Range for Normal Human Hearing Frequency (Hz) Noise can impact student performance. A quieter learning atmosphere means fewer distractions and better listening. Evidence shows that students in classrooms with soft surface flooring have higher levels of academic achievement, behavior, attention and concentration than those in classrooms without carpet. Tomasi, D. “Evidence-Based Design in Schools: Classroom Design and Academic Achievement.” of College/University Facility Managers note that noise is a problem in the buildings and spaces that they manage with classrooms, administrative areas and dining halls having the highest noise concerns. APPA Drive-In Workshop Poll, April 2014

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On average, the HCAHPS* results indicate the most common *The HCAHPS survey asks recently discharged patients about their hospital experience Results are posted online at DAVENNY, B. "DESIGNING QUIET PATIENT ROOMS FOR MEDICARE REIMB URSEMENT, PATIENT SATISFACTION" kinetex FLOORING GROUP kinetex Textile Composite Flooring Kinetex® is an advanced textile composite flooring that combines key attributes of soft-surface floor covering with the long-wearing performance characteristics of hard-surface flooring. Kinetex encompasses an unprecedented range of...

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