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Monza S6 - C - 21 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

IMPINJ ® MONZA® S6-C TAG CHIP DATASHEET IPJ-W1720-K00 IMPINJ Version 3.0 © 2017, Impinj, Inc. www.impinj.com

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Impinj Monza S6-C Tag Chip Datasheet OVERVIEW The Monza® S6-C tag chip is the first-ever RAIN RFID tag chip designed from the ground up for deploying secure ticketing and metering solutions. Featuring a fail-safe one-way counter, it is specially targeted for applications such as transit, parking, events and consumables. It delivers unmatched read performance and data integrity and record-breaking encoding performance to enable the lowest applied tag cost. The Monza S6-C tag chip includes all the core technologies such as Enduro™, AutoTune™ and Integra™ for achieving optimal performance and data...

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Impinj Monza S6-C Tag Chip Datasheet

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Impinj Monza S6-C Tag Chip Datasheet 1 INTRODUCTION Scope This datasheet defines the physical and logical specifications for Gen2-compliant Monza S6-C tag silicon, a reader-talks-first, radio frequency identification (RFID) component operating in the UHF frequency range. Reference Documents EPC Radio Frequency Identity Protocols Class-1 Generation-2 UHF RFID Protocol for Communications at 860 MHz – 960 MHz (Gen2 Specification). The conventions used in the Gen2 Specification (normative references, terms and definitions, symbols, abbreviated terms, and notation) were adopted in the drafting of this...

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Impinj Monza S6-C Tag Chip Datasheet 2 FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION The Monza S6-C tag chip fully supports all requirements of the Gen2 specification as well as many optional commands and features (see Section 2.3 below). In addition, the Monza tag chip family provides a number of enhancements: • Superior sensitivity for high read and write reliability • Industry-leading memory write speed, delivering the highest encoding rates •    TagFocus™ inventory mode, a Gen2 compliant method for capturing more hard-to-read tags by suppressing those that have already been read, by extending their S1 flag B-state...

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Impinj Monza S6-C Tag Chip Datasheet • FastID™ mode makes TID-based applications such as authentication practical by boosting TID-based inventory speeds by 2 to 3 times. Readers can inventory both the EPC and the TID without having to perform an access command. Setting the EPC word length to zero enables TID-only serialization. 2.3 Support for Optional Gen2 Commands Monza S6-C tag chips support the optional commands listed in Table 2-2. Table 2-2 Supported Optional Gen2 Specification Commands 2.4 Data Integrity Features (Integra™ Technology) Monza S6-C has several data integrity features that...

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Impinj Monza S6-C Tag Chip Datasheet Table 2-3, Table 2-4, and Table 2-5 provide details about the custom Impinj MarginRead command. Table 2-3 MarginRead Command Code LENGTH (BITS) • The MarginRead command allows checking for sufficient write margin of known data • The tag must be in the OPEN/SECURED state to respond to the command • If a tag receives a MarginRead command with an invalid handle, it ignores that command • The tag responds with the Insufficient Power error code if the power is too low to execute a MarginRead • The tag responds with the Other error code if the margin is bad for a...

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Impinj Monza S6-C Tag Chip Datasheet The tag response to the MarginRead Command uses the preamble specified by the TRext value in the Query command that initiated the round. See Table 2-6 for tag response details. Table 2-6 Tag Response to a Passing MarginRead Command HEADER Recommended MarginRead Usage Guidelines There are several ways that the MarginRead command could be used with Monza S6-C. Monza S6-C comes pre-serialized and the MarginRead command allows a programming reader to check that the pre-serialized data is well written and does not need to be re-encoded. Another recommended use of...

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Impinj Monza S6-C Tag Chip Datasheet Table 2-7 Pad Descriptions EXTERNAL SIGNALS Differential RF Input Pads for Antenna. Differential Antenna Input All interaction with the Monza S6-C tag chip, including generation of its internal power, air interface, negotiation sequences, and command execution, occurs via its differential antenna port. The differential antenna port is connected with the RF+ pad connected to one terminal and the RF- pad connected to the other terminal. Figure 2-2 Monza S6-C Tag Chip Die Orientation Monza 6 Antenna Reference Designs All Monza 6 family of tag chips (Monza R6,...

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Impinj Monza S6-C Tag Chip Datasheet These documents are restricted. To gain access if these documents cannot be accessed, submit a request for access using the following link. Make sure to select the option “Monza Antenna Reference Designs”. https://access.impinj.com/prtlaccessrequest Monza S6-C Tag Chip Dimensions The Monza S6-C features a 464.1 µm x 442 µm rectangular die size. Power Management The tag is activated by proximity to an active reader. When the tag enters a reader’s RF field, the Power Management block converts the induced electromagnetic field to the DC voltage that powers the...

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Impinj Monza S6-C Tag Chip Datasheet 3 INTERFACE CHARACTERISTICS This section describes the RF interface of the tag chip and the modulation characteristics of both communication links: reader-to-tag (Forward Link) and tag-to-reader (Reverse Link). Making Connections Figure 3-3 shows antenna connection for Monza S6-C tag chips. Figure 3-3 Antenna Connection for Inlay Production This connection configuration for inlay production contacts the Monza S6-C tag chip RF+ pad to one antenna terminal and the RF- pad to the opposite polarity terminal. Enduro pads allow relatively coarse antenna geometry,...

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Impinj Monza S6-C Tag Chip Datasheet Table 3-8 shows the values for the chip port model for the Monza S6-C tag chip, which apply to all frequencies of the primary regions of operation (North America, Europe, and Japan). Table 3-8 Chip Port Parameters Intrinsic chip capacitance when AutoTune is mid-range, including Enduro pads. Calculated for linearized RF model shown in Figure 3-2. Measured Rp = 1.56 kOhm using network analyzer. Typical capacitance due to adhesive and antenna mount parasitics. Total load capacitance presented to antenna model of Figure 3-2 is: Cp + Cmount Measured at 25 °C; R=>T...

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