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Monza 4i

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Smart Manufacturing through Enhanced Performance RAIN RFID tags built with Impinj Monza 4i chips offer data logging capabilities to record information such as item maintenance, component status and environmental conditions, ensuring the historical record of the item is factual and true. Ideal for component-level tagging in vehicle and production line manufacturing, Monza 4i tag chips are built with an extended EPC memory to track long serial numbers along with a large amount of user memory to chronicle the production process and components from raw material through final assembly. • Extended User Memory • Extended EPC Optimized for Automotive Logistics • Production Line Monitoring TAG CHIPS ARE THE ENDPOINTS OF THE IMPINJ PLATFORM EN • Manufacturing Control Tracking

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Monza 4 Tag Chip Family Overview The Impinj Monza family of RAIN RFID tag chips create endpoints when attached to items, providing unique identifiers that allow access to the item’s identity, location and authenticity. Monza 4 tag chips are specialty chips that provide application-specific features such as additional privacy, enhanced performance and flexible memory that are optimized for use in manufacturing and supply chain industries. MONZA 4i USE CASES ©Monitor Manufacturing Quality and Status log quality checks for components in a production or assembly line Logistics for Finished...

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