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Connecting the Everyday World

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CONNECTING THE EVERYDAY WORLD The Impinj Platform Delivers Item Intelligence

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If you’ve purchased clothing from Zara or Macy’s, run a road race like the New York City Marathon, enjoyed a drink from a Coca-Cola Freestyle soda fountain, hit a ball at Topgolf, or checked bags at Las Vegas McCarran airport, then you’ve probably experienced a benefit of Impinj’s products. Impinj wirelessly connects and networks everyday “things” to provide information about an item’s identity, location, and authenticity. The Internet of Things (loT) is changing the fabric of our lives. But the term “Internet of Things” encompasses far more than just electronic devices like smartphones,...

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4 IMPINJ I Connecting Everyday World With the Impinj Platform

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SOLUTIONS THAT DRIVE SMART BUSINESS RAIN RFID solutions developed on the Impinj platform enable enterprises to make smart business decisions and process improvements by way of Item Intelligence. RAIN solutions can improve inventory management, asset tracking, patient safety, sporting and travel experiences, and much more.

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SOLUTIONS / RESULTS Retail Solutions With RAIN-tagged items in stores, retailers can leverage Item Intelligence to collect data on physical interactions comparable to the types of click-data eCommerce retailers collect. With this data, stores can improve operations and drive sales. Omni-Channel & Inventory Intelligence Impinj omni-channel and inventory intelligence solutions can take inventory anytime, quickly locating items, even those left in a fitting room or another department. With confidence in system-wide inventory, retailers can keep stores well stocked and maximize their online...

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Healthcare Solutions Item Intelligence helps healthcare providers locate medical supplies, equipment and staff, keeping the focus on patient care and not on operational tasks. With Impinj healthcare solutions, medical facilities can save time, reduce inventory spend, and improve patient care. Operational Intelligence With Impinj operational intelligence solutions, healthcare providers can better manage and improve the processes that are used to run their operations. These solutions enable realtime location of assets throughout a facility so providers can get the equipment they need, when...

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Connecting Everyday World With the Impinj Platform

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OUR PLATFORM The Impinj platform is a comprehensive set of hardware and software products on which businesses can develop RAIN solutions. By choosing to develop on this platform, rather than a piecemeal set of products, businesses can deploy a solution, at once or over time, consisting of multiple applications built on one infrastructure. Besides delivering compatibility, scalability and flexibility, using this platform also allows for data sharing across applications. With shared data, the types of applications you can build are endless.

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PLATFORM / PRODUCTS Connecting Everyday World With the Impinj Platform

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Software ItemSense software enables businesses to quickly and easily integrate Item Intelligence into enterprise applications. It transforms RAIN RFID data into business-driven information and simplifies the management and monitoring of RAIN hardware devices. ItemEncode is a flexible software system that boosts the speed and data quality of RAIN RFID tag encoding machines while lowering labor and operating costs. Connectivity Indy reader chips and reader SiPs (system in packages) allow RAIN reader capability to be embedded into products. Indy SiP products only need three connections (DC...

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With over 10 billion endpoints and one million connectivity points deployed around the world, Impinj is enabling businesses in retail, healthcare, food, manufacturing and entertainment to collect data, improve key performance indicators, reduce labor costs and increase profits. *• • •* 12 IMPINJ I Connecting Everyday World With the Impinj Platform

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Case study / ZARA ZARA, a clothing and accessory retailer owned by Inditex SA with over 2,000 stores worldwide, is deploying a RAIN RFID solution in all of its retail and distribution locations. The solution provides Zara with visibility into product inventory (from the distribution center to the sales floor), speedy inventory replenishment, and a reduction in shrink. Business Benefits • • • • • Reduction in inventory team size (from 40 to 10) Improved inventory count times (from 5 hours to 2.5 hours) Real-time inventory updates at time of sale Restocking alerts when items are sold...

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EMPLOYEE OWNED \    \\\    .WY 'III,    III.    i Case study / Hy-vee Hy -vee, a grocery retail chain, was faced with the challenge of providing the highest quality products to its shoppers. Shoppers want the longest possible shelf life from perishable products and expect a consistent product experience each time they shop. By tagging perishable goods with sensor tags, Hy-vee is now able to monitor and record time and temperature readings on pre-set intervals throughout the shipping and receiving process. If a product is not delivered in optimal conditions, Hy-vee can refuse shipment at the...

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Case study / Northwestern Medicine Northwestern Memorial Hospital, was in search of a solution that would stop workflow disruptions and monetary loss due to expired products. By implementing a RAIN solution, the hospital was able to automate inventorying, reducing spend on new items, and better monitoring items about to expire, making sure they get used first. Additionally, this new inventory system ensures items used are actually billed. Business Benefits •    $3.75 million ROI in first year • Real time accuracy of product inventory • Reduced expired product cost to $0 • Reduced labor...

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Ready to discuss how the Impinj platform can help your business? CONTACT US / WWW.IMPINJ.COM Impinj is a leading provider of RAIN RFID solutions. Impinj delivers Item Intelligence, physical items’ unique identity, location and authenticity, to the digital world, which the company believes is the essence of the Internet of Things. Its platform connects billions of everyday items such as apparel, medical supplies, automobile parts, drivers’ licenses, food and luggage to applications such as inventory management, patient safety, asset tracking and item authentication, delivering real-time...

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