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Catalogue excerpts

Volumetric Object Surveiilor Protection of paintings and sculptures from vandalism and theft: • suitable for 2D and 3D objects • offers configurable alarm zones • allows for easy and aesthetic overhead mounting • based on 3D MLI Sensor™ technology

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Reliable Protection of Art from Vandalism and Theft Striking the balance between protecting valuable objects and encouraging the public to visit and come within touching distance of sculptures, paintings and other works of art, is a challenging task. With the help of increasingly precise and unobtrusive protective measures, this challenge can be met without compromising the object’s safety. IEE’s Volumetric Object Surveillor (VOS) provides 3D protection around paintings and sculptures, and triggers an alarm when someone breaks through the “optical curtain” and, consequently, touches the work of...

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Suitable for 2D and 3D Objects The Volumetric Object Surveillor can be configured and re-configured for use with all types of valuable objects, whether 2D objects such as paintings or 3D objects like sculptures or display cases.

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IEE has developed a 3D sensor using MLI (Modulated Light Intensity) technology. MLI technology is based on the optical time of flight (TOF) principle, whereby an active, non-scanning light source emits modulated near-infrared light. The phase shift between the light emitted by the source and the light reflected by the people and objects in the field of view is measured to create a real-time topographic image of the monitored area. Through sophisticated embedded algorithms, the overhead-located 3D MLI Sensor™ processes topographic or 3D data very effectively, and is able to monitor the volume around...

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Easy Installation and Integration The Volumetric Object Surveillor’s optimized Design Housing can easily be installed without requiring invasive aesthetic changes to the existing architecture or design of the surveillance area. The Design Housing is available for in-, on- and under-ceiling mounting, providing installation flexibility for all kinds of ceiling structures. After the installer has configured basic settings, such as detection width, length and monitoring height, the sensor calibrates itself within a few seconds. Flush mount Reliability in Changing Light Conditions Since the sensor...

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Device Properties VOS9696M2    VOS6464M2 Monitoring height Detection area Field of view/illumination Type of illumination Weight Dimensions of the Core Housing Dimensions of the Design Housing Modulated near infrared light (NIR) 1.3 kg (Core Housing) + 1.6 kg (Design Housing) W 167 mm x H 133 mm x D 94 mm 206 mm (integration cutout diameter), 247 mm (outside rim diameter), 115 mm (height) Operational temperature range Core Housing ingress protection Supply voltage range Power consumption Housing material Technology max. 2.7 A at 24 V DC Powder coated aluminum 3D MLI Sensor™ Network Protocols •...

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Volumetric Object Surveillor Contact Interested in learning more about our object and people sensing solutions? •• Contact your local dealer •• Send an e-mail to infrastructure@iee.lu •• Surf to www.iee.lu/marke

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