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Brochure TDflex™ - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Tailgate Detector TDflex™ is an award-winning tailgate detection solution that prevents unauthorized access at: • Doors • Mantraps • Airlocks • E-gates • Turnstiles • Access points without doors

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Tailgate Detector - TD The Essential Security Layer for Your Access Control Systems Today’s access control systems are designed to help control and manage authorized access to secure areas. Ensuring that every individual has properly presented a valid ID or successfully cleared biometric identification is a major challenge faced by security professionals. Preventing tailgating and piggybacking, in other words misleading or outsmarting the system, is a problem existing solutions do not sufficiently address. IEE has developed a 3D sensor that uses MLI (Modulated Light Intensity) technology. This...

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High Accuracy Sophisticated algorithms and extensive test scenarios ensure reliable detection of people and objects in the detection area. These test scenarios, which consist of people carrying or wheeling luggage, wearing hats, or walking closely together, show that TDf/ex™ can both handle people carrying objects and detect multiple individuals in close proximity. Reliability in Changing Light Conditions As the sensor emits its own illumination, the performance is not influenced by artificial light and the sensor also works in the dark. Embedded Software Due to its integrated firmware, the sensor...

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People Counting Easy Installation In addition to its access control features, TDflex™ can also be used as a People Counter: The TDflex™ Design Housing - available in white, black and gray - provides easy and aesthet-ic integration into existing building architecture. The Design Housing can be integrated into dropped ceilings (“Flush mount”), on the ceiling (“On-ceiling”) or, by using an extension, below the ceiling (“Under-ceiling”) offering increased flexibility for all kinds of ceiling structures. TDflex™ is compatible with single or double doors swinging into the field of view and can be installed...

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Operating Modes TDflex™ is a Tailgate Detector with two main operating modes: •• Virtual mantrap •• Real mantrap Virtual Mantrap Mode Real Mantrap Mode In this mode, TDflex™ monitors single access points to and from a secure area and is usually installed in front of doors. It is also possible to monitor mechanical or optical turnstiles, or virtual access points without any physical barrier. If an unauthorized person Unauthorized attempts to gain access, access at turnstiles TDflex™ generates an alert. This means that, depending on the security strategy, the door can be locked as a preventative...

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Unparalleled Flexibility in Different Infrastructures Virtual Mantrap Mode Real Mantrap Mode Entry/Exit readers: Single person transfer: •• Generates an alert if a person without ID transits. •• One person at a time. •• The door is locked if more than one person is detected in the field of view. •• Outputs “empty“, “one person” or “suspicious”. Passive RFID: High throughput: Multiple person transfer: •• Counts the number of people in the detection area. •• Generates an alert if a person without ID enters the detection area. •• No credit allocation. High security strategy: •• Generates an alert...

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Tailgate Detector Homeland Security Awards FS-TDflexM2S-2013-01-21-EN Best in Access Control Products at ISC West April 2011 / Las Vegas, NV Contact Want to learn more about our access control solutions? •• Contact your local dealer •• Send an e-mail to infrastructure@iee.lu •• Surf to www.iee.lu/marke

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