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Brochure People Counter (EN) - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

People Counter A high-accuracy people counting solution that: • is based on 3D MLI Sensor™ technology • runs on embedded software • performs bi-directional counting • offers an accuracy of > 99% • has configurable data storage

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Being able to accurately track and record the precise number of people present in building or moving through high-traffic areas at any given time is an invaluable asset. An exact count not only allows organizations to optimize their staffing and energy demands, it is also a key component in marketing intelligence gathering initiatives. The People Counter offers the following functions: • Occupancy Monitoring in real time to: • control minimum and maximum occupancy • support evacuation measures • Detection and analysis of pedestrian flows. With the web-based Occupancy Monitoring software, the count...

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Easy Installation and Integration The People Counter’s Design Housing provides easy and aesthetic integration into existing building architecture. The Design Housing can be integrated into dropped ceilings (“flush mount”), on the ceiling (“on-ceiling”) or, by using an extension, below the ceiling (“underceiling”) offering increased flexibility for all kinds of ceiling structures. After a basic configuration, such as detection area and mounting height, has been carried out, the sensor calibrates itself within a few seconds. Flush mount Reliability in Changing Light Conditions Since the sensor emits...

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Maximum Occupancy Monitoring in night clubs Minimum Occupancy Monitoring in laboratories Occupancy Monitoring Minimum and Maximum Occupancy Monitoring for Enhanced Building Safety Safety-critical building complexes, high security areas or retail stores, where there is usually a high pedestrian volume, are often subject to maximum occupancy regulations. Installed above each access point, the People Counter performs a bi-directional count of all people entering or exiting. By comparing all entries and exits in real time, the occupancy of a room, a particular floor or an entire building can be determined....

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Web-based Occupancy Monitoring Tool The People Counter's Occupancy Monitoring Tool offers real-time monitoring, extended data analysis, and recording and reporting functionalities, such as: • Real-time monitoring of multiple zones and/or multiple doors • The option to set thresholds in each occupancy zone to trigger an alarm, send e-mails or SMSes, or switch relays. • Statistics such as average length of stay, average occupancy and total entries and exits • Data plotting, including occupancy and entrances and exits, on user-definable graphs • The ability to define report templates to streamline...

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Network Protocols Optional Relay Modules • IP address, fixed or DHCP • Configuration/application output: web interface HTTP or XML-RPC (optional) • Time synchronization via SNTP • Firmware updates via Ethernet Logging • Access to current status and counting history • Configurable counting logging interval, e.g. 10 s -> Minimum log history 2 days 9 hours Application Outputs The following data is available via the web interface: • total forward and backward count • occupancy (number of people in a zone) • occupancy low/high alarm (when the configurable threshold is met) • current in (number of people...

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People Counter Contact Interested in learning more about our people counting and occupancy monitoring solutions? • Contact your local dealer • Send an e-mail to infrastructure@iee.lu • Surf to www.iee.lu/markets:pub

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