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Catalogue excerpts

TRAVELDOC - INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL DOCUAAENT VERIFICATION SYSTEAA A dedicated TravelDoc back office monitors any updates or changes to travel regulations. Every change is automatically updated on a central TravelDoc server and promptly distributed to the client systems. TravelDoc is available in three configurations Mobile version (laptop or PDA) Online (web) version Integrated version (into airline systems) A dear Go/No-Go indication, along with brief, concise instructions as to the documents needed (passport, visa, resident card, etc.) Ongoing contact with immigration and border control agencies of all countries worldwide Real-time online updates of travel rules information

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MS’ In-depth reporting and trend analysis Avoid immigration fines and eliminate deportation and other related costs Reduce documentation-related operational and administrative overheads Reduce passenger processing time and assist in the identification of fraudulent documents Spare passengers an embarrassing deportation process as a result of innocent mistakes rtabonattv: Ur*«<J Kingdom (UK) Exp*Y dot*: 10/0*2012 Urrtod K«gdo«n (UK) • Un*«d 5Ut« (USA) • 27/0*2010 UnKod SUtM (USA) • Urx«d Kingdom (UK) ■ 27/0*2010 ■ Relies on the most comprehensive worldwide database of known forged, stolen and suspicious...

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