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New Self Service Check-in Concept - 9 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

As passenger numbers increase year on year, airports and carriers are under growing pressure to provide quick and easy check-in for passengers. With limited check-in counters, carriers and airports alike must investigate new avenues to make the passenger experience as trouble free as possible, while keeping costs to a minimum. Deployment Options - Innovative SmartCheck Application - Existing Airline Self-Service Application The new self service check-in concept has be designed from the ground up to solve the issues faced by airports and carriers using common use self service. It provides a simpler...

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Features Large touchscreen display offering crystal clear, display and responsive interaction. High performance PC equipped with multi-core processor that can handle the heaviest of workloads. Highest quality peripherals, such as boarding pass and bag tag printers, from leading manufacturers. Robust and durable chassis, built to withstand the toughest of environments. Designed for mobility, the kiosk can be moved with ease allowing passengers to check-in at any location Long lasting battery life with up to 12 hours of continuous usage and a fast recharge rate. Modular build allows for different...

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Deployment Options Option 1 - SmartCheck Application ICTS’s innovative SmartCheck simplifies the passenger check-in process by giving the passenger a clear, simple and easy to use interface that maximises the large touch screen of the podium. The user interface is skinnable, able to Multiple languages are also supported as standard. 3 touch fast passenger check-in process for passengers By streamlining the check-in process to 3 main steps, passengers can check-in quicker and easier than ever. Fully automatic document check A crucial success factor in deploying self service applications is the...

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DCS Integration Option 1 - SmartCheck Application SmartCheck can be integrated into any departure control system (DCS). Included with SmartCheck is a cloud based middleware which will interface with DCS and host systems. Carriers need only provide access to their existing self service check-in web services. Self Service Kiosk The DCS must give access to data to perform the following list of functions. •    Issue a boarding pass •    Retrieve a seat map for a given flight • Assign / change a seat for a passenger •    Assign baggage to a passenger •    Update a passenger booking • Retrieve a list...

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Height 109 cm Width 50 cm Depth 56 cm Weight 75 kg PC Screen 17 inch multi-touch screen O.S. Windows 10 Professional CPU Quad Core, 64 bit RAM 8GB Wi-Fi Networking 3G / 4G Cellular Bluetooth

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If you would like more information on the new self service check-in concept then please contact one of the following persons. EUROPE SYSTEMS Viola Wang ICTS Europe Systems 1st Floor, South Block, Tavistock House Tavistock Square London WC1H 9LG ICTS Europe Systems 1st Floor, South Block, Tavistock House Tavistock Square London WC1H 9LG

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