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eagle Cadet - Computerized recruitment tests tool - 1 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Cadet is comprised of a series of computerized psychometric tests utilising graphic, pictorial, numerical and textual measurement of specific abilities required for this task, including: problem solving, consistency, accuracy, rapidity, attention span, and more. Cadet increases the prospects of recruiting the best security staff and makes the recruitment process faster, more efficient and more cost-effective. Cadet is fully integrated into ICTS's Eagle computer-based training platform, making it possible to compare the achievements of X-ray screeners on the job with their pre-employment test results BENEFITS ■ Cost-effective - Reduces staff turnover and provides progress measurement tools ■ Quality - Reduces on-the-job errors made due to the employment of unsuitable workers. ■ Simplicity - Ease and convenience - conducted in-house without the need for outside professional analysis of test results ■ Objectivity - Objective and totally unbiased, avoiding complaints arising as a result of favouritism or discrimination ■ Monitoring - provides detailed individual and statistical reports to enable accurate monitoring and analysis of test results ■ Accessible - flexible deployment over varying IT environments - local/web ■ Efficient - fully integrated into Eagle computer-based training platform, to allow comparison with X-ray screeners' recurrent training results

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