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Catalogue excerpts

ICTS Europe Systems new CTX Training package is a unique add-on to Eagle's X-Ray Operators course. The package includes: 1. A simulator of GE CTX machine with an image-bank of lEDs and no-threat items in HBS. The simulator can be used for recurrent training and testing. The simulator includes the following machine features: ■ SP ■ CT ■ Next/previous slice ■ Next/previous threat (when applicable) 2. The simulator session consists of a series of images selected automatically and presented to the user in a random order. The images are selected based on parameters configured by the instructor, such as: ■ Difficulty level ■ Threat type ■ Number of threat/no threat items Additional parameters that can be configured by the instructor include: ■ Number of images in the session ■ Immediate feedback (TIP-style) and/or feedback at the end of the session ■ Time limit per bag/per session ■ Score formula 3. Personal Report - An additional new feature to the current comprehensive reporting tool, which allows the user to have detailed feedback; and the threat locations appear highlighted CTX simulator - Bag containing:

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^agle ctx training package An interactive learning-module called "CTX Console Tour" explaining how to use the machine console A knowledge test consisting of multiple-choice questions, covering the contents of the "CTX Console Tour" Similar to the other courses on Eagle, the new module is fully flexible and could be modified to meet local regulations OTHER COMPONENTS    CTX Console Tour ■ Eagle-embedded authoring tool allows the client to add more images ■ Eagle reports module is available to instructors of CTX, offering various reports that enable tracking of user performance, compliance with...

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