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ABD Series 3 Brochure - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Series 3 Self-Service Bag Drop The highly advanced automated retrofit self-service bag drop The Series 3 is a highly advanced automated bag drop solution, designed to be retro-fitted to existing airport infrastructure. A sophisticated sensor array is mounted above the conveyors that automatically reads the bag tag, and creates a virtual exclusion zone which prevents weight tampering and ensures passenger safety. No processing or movement of baggage will occur if there is an intrusion into the protected zone. Simultaneously, baggage is analysed in 3D to determine conveyability. The Series 3 will prompt a passenger to use a tub if required, with tub detection and net weight calculation performed automatically. Light curtains at the front and rear of the sensor array create an “airlock” like security feature that will raise an alarm should passengers walk or throw objects over the conveyors. Features Fits with / on to existing infrastructure No physical changes to BHS system Installation requires minimum disruption to Airport operations baggage conveyability analysis 3D Offers upgrade path from Series 1 Simple user interface 1 or 2 step capable 30 seconds using the simple intuitive < interface in a 2-step bag tagging process Dynamic virtual box technology Security “airlock” light curtains ptional add-on functionality available O (Biometrics, passport scanning, and payment terminal)

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Series 3 Self-Service Bag Drop Single Units Left and Right handed versions available. Responsive and generously sized for ease of use. Baggage profiling and conveyability analysis. (Upright bags, multiple bags, non-conveyable bags, tubs, etc.) Customisable profiling is available upon request of the client. Detects intrusion onto the conveyors whilst the bag is being processed. Benefits include increased passenger safety, security and baggage weighing integrity. Automatic Bag Tag Barcode Reading Bag tag readers eliminate the need for hand-held scanning by passengers. Customisable Hardware Additional...

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