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Catalogue excerpts

The world’s most proven self-service bag drop solutions The perfect integration of design, technology and process ICM Airport Technics – Auto Bag Dro

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Airports and airlines are looking at self-service bag drops to alleviate passenger congestion, lower operational costs and improve the passenger experience. However, significant challenges exist to fully realise the benefits of these solutions. The solution must be proven, non-intimidating, intuitive for the infrequent flyer as well as completely safe and secure and able to operate without agent assistance. With over 20 million transactions processed by over 100 units installed across multiple terminals globally, ICM’s Auto Bag Drop (ABD) solution completely addresses these challenges with a passengercentric...

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Superior design Bag Drop status bar Corian® shell Double glazed safety glass More passenger space Easy visibility Stainless steel kick plates Free from cross traffic Easy side loading Easier side loading More passenger space Easy agent visibility With a transverse loading system*, passengers can load their bag from the side with a side-guard cut-out to ease the lifting process. As the belt is flat, luggage will not roll off. The design allows space traditionally taken up by check-in desks to be available for passengers, providing more room to manoeuvre luggage, trolleys and wheelchairs in comfort. The...

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ICM Airport Technics – Auto Bag Drop

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Advanced technology 1st light curtain 2nd light curtain 3D scanning Dynamic virtual box Fast processing on first belt Automatic conveyability check Safe and secure intrusion detection High-security light curtains As the bag is fully processed on the first belt, transaction time is not compromised by having to transfer the bag onto another conveyor or close a door over the bag for it to be weighed, scanned, and activated. Advanced 3D scanners alert customers of irregular items - bags with trailing straps, strollers, undersized bags - reducing the number of non-conveyable items entering the Baggage...

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Efficient process Departure Control System (DCS) Common Use Web Services 1-step Airline Bag Drop Application Common Use Self Service (CUSS) Platform Auto Bag Drop (ABD) Baggage Handling System (BHS) Fast and intuitive process Real-time process monitoring Easily deployed Complete flexibility is provided to support either a 1-step process, where bag tags are printed at the ABD, or a 2-step process, where bag tags are printed at a kiosk beforehand. Passengers are guided through a simple, intuitive graphical user interface that is easily configurable for specific airline and airport process and branding...

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Comprehensive Support Lifecycle Support Services ICM has an extensive service portfolio specially catered to support self-service bag drop & baggage handling systems throughout their working life. Specifically the support services cover: • ull Service Contracts offering availabilityF based responsibility encompassing on-site support, remote support, comprehensive incident reporting, software upgrades, spare parts provision, documentation and training. • ailored Support Solutions to meet T individual clients’ needs. Field data and site learnings are constantly used to refine our systems – enabling...

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ABD family Retrofit Solutions Series 7 Rotating Desk Hybrid Series 7 Fixed Desk Hybrid Replacement /Greenfield Solutions ICM Airport Technics – Auto Bag Drop

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Feature list Features Series 1 Series 3 Series 4 Series 7 Hybrid Single Unit Available Left and right handed versions available. Double Unit Available Double configuration Series 7 replaces two traditional check-in desks. Recommended Pitch Centre-to-centre distance between two ABD doubles. The minimum pitch for the Standard Series 7 unit is 3.4m. Supports Agent-Assisted Processing Retrofit (Series 1, 3, 4) units natively support traditional agent-assisted processing. Hybrid unit is designed for the integration of a full set of CUTE equipment. This allows rapid switching between Agent-Assisted...

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Feature list Features Bag Processed on First Belt Weighing, 3D baggage profiling (Series 3, 4, 7) and bag tag barcode reading intuitively occurs on the first belt. Virtual Box Technology (Patents Pending) Prevents intrusion onto the ABD conveyors whilst bag is being processed. Benefits include increased passenger safety, security and baggage weighing integrity. Security “Airlock” Sensors Dual security sensors in the ABD tunnel provide for comprehensive detection of unwanted items (e.g. bags, people, animals) entering the Baggage Handling System. Oscillating Bag Tag Barcode Readers Multiple oscillating...

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Feature list Features Open, Non-intimidating Form The PAX can view bag while being processed and thus feels in control. The PAX is able to adjust the bag tag, if required, without waiting for a door to open and close again. User access points on the console need to be wheelchair accessible. Side loading is required for People with Reduced Mobility (PRM) compliance. Flat Scale Conveyor Eliminates risk of damage or injury resulting from toppling bags on a slanted conveyor. Form Factor Side Loading of Bags (Patents Pending) Low height side loading provides an ergonomic experience when compared to...

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Sydney, Australia 4A/42 Church Avenue, Mascot, NSW 2020 Australia P : +61 2 9700 9527 E : info@icm.aero W : autobagdrop.com London, United Kingdom D’Albiac House Room 2006 Cromer Road Heathrow Airport Middlesex, TW6 1SD United Kingdom P : +44 7760 358 947 Paris, France Roissypôle – Bâtiment Aeronef 5 rue de Copenhague CS 13918 - Tremblay en France 95731 Roissy CDG CEDEX P : +33 174 372 695 The ICM Group has offices in Australia, United Kingdom, France, Singapore, Hong Kong and United Arab Emirates.

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