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ievo USB Registration Units - 2 Pages

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levo Security solutions as individual as you are.TM Product Datasheet ievo USB Registration Unit: ievo desktop registration units are a fast, accurate and simple way of managing the fingerprint enrolment process. Using a USB connection the units plug directly in to a PC and combines simple registration steps with an easy to use interface to effectively control enrolment. Designed as a supporting component to work in parallel with ievo fingerprint readers12, the registration units takes away the need to enrol users via an active, or in use, product - essential in situations with a high volume of system users. * Requires an ievo control board attached to the PC via network connection • High Quality & Reliability • USB powered - no additional power supply required • Time saving • Durable high performance use • Timing placement to image 1.0 Seconds (Typical) •    500 dpi image resolution Requires minimal maintenance • Ergonomically designed • Aids training and reduces registration time

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ievo Security solutions as individual as you are. TECHNICAL DATA: BENEFITS: Using the ievo USB registration units provides a simple and effective method of enrolling user fingerprints, saving vital time and resources along with providing consistency in operation. The non-intrusive ergonomic design is utilised for desktop/workspace use, with both units connecting via USB to allow for efficient use in controlling the enrolment process. The 'ultimate registration unit' is ideal for installations using ievo ultimate reader heads or a mixture of both ultimate and ievo micro reader heads. The 'micro...

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