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ievo Time & Attendance Display - 2 Pages

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levo Security solutions as individual as you are.TM Product Datasheet ievo Time & Attendance Display FEATURES: • LCD screen (2x16 character white text on black) • Displays network clock time with configurable GMT offset • Display Users ID - as identified by an ievo biometric reader (purchased separately) • Easily managed settings (via dedicated web interface) • Wall-mountable THE DISPLAY The ievo Time & Attendance Display is a two-line Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) which synchronises with a Network Time (NTP) server and an ievo biometric solution. Designed to provide a visual confirmation of the time and date recorded against your access/entry event; as logged by your company's time and attendance systems.

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ievo Security solutions as individual as you are. Network Time (NTP): The NTP clock synchronises at start-up with the NTP server (IP address set on web interface) and uses a timer interrupt to maintain local time (if set to a public NTP). Every hour the clock will automatically re-synchronise. If, however, your DSL router is switched off (i.e. during the night) the clock will continue to function using an on-board crystal which maintains accurate time keeping over several weeks. Once the network connection is re-established the clock will again resynchronise with the NTP server. A status indicator...

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