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HexTow® HM63 - 2 Pages

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HexTow® HM63

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HexTow® HM63 carbon fiber is a continuous, high strength, high performance, high modulus, PAN based carbon fiber available in 12,000 (12K) filament count tows. This fiber has been surface treated and sized to improve its handling characteristics, interlaminar shear strength, compressive strength, and structural properties. It is suggested for use in aerospace, space, premium sporting goods, and industrial applications. The unique properties of HexTow® HM63 fiber, such as higher tensile strength and modulus, as well as shear and compressive strength, allow structural designers to achieve both higher safety margins for both stiffness and strength critical applications. Copyright © 2016 - Hexcel Corporation - All Rights Reserved 1

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HexTow® HM63 carbon fiber Carbon Fiber Certification This carbon fiber is manufactured to Hexcel aerospace grade specification HS-CP-5500. A copy of this specification is available upon request. A Certification of Analysis will be provided with each shipment. Available Sizing Sizing compatible with various resin systems, based on application are available to improve handling characteristics and structural properties. Please see additional information on available Sizes on our website or contact our technical team for additional information. Packaging Standard packaging of HexTow® HM63 is as...

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