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HBZ product line brochure - 10 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

HANDTMANN THE CUTTING EXPERTS handtmann Ideas for the future. handtmann Ideas for the future. For the highest productivity and optimised processes! MACHINE SOLUTIONS • 5-axis HSC/HPC machining centres • Four product lines provide solutions for a variety of machining requirements from profile machining through to structural parts and large-volume workpieces SERVICE SOLUTIONS • Long-term machine availability and continuous increases in productivity • Broad offer in terms of machine maintenance, spare parts, expert support, training, support hotline HANDTMANN SOLUTIONS - COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS FROM ONE SOURCE TURN-KEY SOLUTIONS • Increased competitive advantage through optimized processes • Support and consultancy to provide bespoke customer solutions: tool selection, simulation, programming, milling strategy, etc. Handtmann A-Punkt Automation GmbH Eisenbahnstrasse 17 88255 Baienfurt Germany Phone:+49 751 5079 0 sales.apunktldhandtmann.de www.handtmann.de Handtmann A-Punkt Machinery Trading (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Unit No. 1606 within Area 1601 16th floor of the Building 6,8 North Dongsanhuan Road Chaoyang District Beijing, China Handtmann CNC UK A Division of the Engineering Technology Group Northfield Road ■ Southam Warwickshire CV47 OFG England Phone:+44 1926818 418 sales.apunktOhandtmannuk.com Handtmann CNC Technologies, Inc. 205 Prairie Lake Rd., Unit B EASTDUNDEE.IL 60118 USA Phone:+1847 8443300 infoOhandtmanncnc.com Frunse Str. 86, Office 202    Jr serviceOhandtmann-cnc-machines.com    □

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HANDTMANN: THE CUTTING EXPERTS With its three machine types - HBZ AeroCell, HBZ CompactCell and HBZ Trunnion -Handtmann offers an ideal solution for every machining requirement. Technological competence with almost 30 years of experience in Aerospace. For almost 30 years Handtmann A-Punkt Automation GmbH has been one of the leading manufacturers of high performance and cost-effective HSC/HPC 5-axis machining centres. As a member of the international Handtmann group with about 3,500 employees Handtmann A-Punkt Automation is successfully manufacturing 5-axis machining centres for international customers...

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Three innovative machine series offer the highest chip removal rates and outstanding productivity on a small footprint. Handtmann has translated the advantages of 5-axis horizontal machining into one product line with three machine series. Benefits: • 5-axis horizontal machining • Optimum chip and coolant management • Workpiece free from chips and coolant • No re-cutting • Optimal machining of deep cavities • Reduced thermal impact on tool and workpiece (increased tool life and workpiece surface] • Considerably reduced cycle times • High chip removal rates due to high performance spindles up to...

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HBZ®AEROCELL Horizontal machining with minimal floor space requirement. Minimum non-productive downtime through loading and unloading parallel to production due to integrated pallet changing system in the standard configuration. Maximum material removal rates up to 15 l/min for workpieces up to 7 m in length. High productivity on small footprint due to an integrated pallet changing system as standard. With the HBZ AeroCelL 5-axis horizontal machining centre aerospace customers worldwide are setting new standards in the machining of structural parts. The area of expertise of the HBZ AeroCell is...

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HBZ® AEROCELL® Maximized productivity through additional pallet automation! Integrated pallet changing system as standard. More automated solutions for maximum productivity. The HBZ AeroCell concept includes automation as standard: An innovative, integrated pallet changing system provides set-up of workpieces parallel to production. The innovative, integrated pallet changing system reflects the powerful machine concept. As the pallet changer is already integrated into the machine the total floor space requirement is very low. During high performance machining in the work zone, the second pallet...

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HBZ® COMPACTCELL The HBZ CompactCell horizontal machining centre for workpieces up to 4x1 m with high chip removal rates combines high power with small floor place requirements. With high material removal rates.    lengths up to 4 mare also available. High performance spindles up to 81 kW as well as speeds up to 30,000 rpm allow material High chip removal rate in a compact design: • Table size: 2x1 m up to 4x1 m • Spindle power up to 81 kW • Spindle speed up to 30,000 rpm • High material removal rates in aluminium • Axis travels (X/Y/Z-axis): max. 4,650/1,100/550 mm removal rates which are comparable...

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Automated solutions: • 1 additional pallet and changing by crane • Pallet automation on rails The reduction in non-productive downtime that the automation provides is an essential factor in the ability to additionally reduce process costs. The productivity of HBZ CompactCell machines with pallet sizes of 2x1 m and 4x1 m can be further increased with various automation solutions. The HBZ CompactCell can be automated with different options * Automation with pallet rack so that the entire set-up process is performed parallel to the • Linking of several machines machining time. Loading and unloading...

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HBZ Trunnion: High precision combined with dynamic 5-axis machining due to the rigid machine design. Productivity and precision for all materials up to 0 1,700 mm. The HBZ Trunnion series combines a multitude of technological advantages within three machine sizes for 5-axis HSC/HPC machining of different materials. The HBZ Trunnion series covers a wide range of applications. The rigid machine design enables the use of high performance spindles as well as high torque spindles. This allows the ideal machining of all materials from aluminium up to heavy duty and hard to machine materials such as...

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HBZ® TRUNNION®Automated processes for maximum economic efficiency and ready to go for series production!Minimized non-productive downtimes are nowadays considered a prerequisite for economic production. Automated solutions: • Pallet changing system for 1 additional pallet • Pallet automation on rails Ergonomic operation, free access to the work zone and loading and unloading from the front and the top are guaranteed. Automation solutions can be tailored to provide the ideal process solution for customer requirements. • Automation with pallet rack • Linking of various machines Cost-effective automated...

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