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Omni-directional vehicles covering multiple industrial markets - 7 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Omni-directional vehicles covering multiple industrial markets the most vc: f m \ vehicle ever gro axis, faces vehicle or mat| engine R he ■ pd best engineered Megree ^/ith ease flpundings. f' point of that perator always ggEjIp to back tf ""j-^-^Ttcac ^ Ki4;stom 1

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ODV CORPORATION This remarkably versatile vehicle design is unlike any other and is adaptable over a wide range of industrial applications. The ODV is based on a round chassis with a 360° radial hitch making it capable of moving in all directions from a point and has been marketed as the ODV (Omni Directional Vehicle). Vehicles are scalable in size and may be configured to tow very heavy loads in all terrains including hard surfaces, snow, unimproved roads, and off-road applications such as highway right-of-way mowers that are impossible to overturn. Unique design and operating characteristics produce...

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Highway ConstructionlilPeopie MoverslilSecurity Vehicles Military Munition Handling I Highway Right of Way Mowers ■.■.■.■•wwww'.'.v.v.'.’.v.-    nr i TheG SERIESSP SERIES Rated by total load capacity, the G Series tractors are designed to cover aviation towing and material handling applications up through 120,000 pounds. Available units are the G-18 (18,000 pounds), the G-30 (30,000 pounds), the G-60 (60,000 pounds), the G-90 (90,000 pounds) and the G-120 (120,000 pounds). All models utilize the Hammonds’ patented radial hitch which enables them to maneuver and precisely manipulate loads like...

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Aircraft Service and Material Handling Police and Security Companies • Air Conditioned, heated cabs provide year round comfort • Crowd control • Patrolling • Police presence

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ODV APPLICATIONS The BOEING 787 Dreamliner PRODUCTION FLOOR ODV’s aid in the building of the 787 Dreamliner Manufacturing Plans PATENTED TECHNOLOGY to Impact 10 Major Industries

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AIRCRAFT TOWING Towing Army helicopter ODV G-60 towing Army helicopter MATERIAL HANDLING ODV Yard Tractor U.S. Air Force Aircraft Maintenance

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The ODV Eagle Omni-Directional Security Vehicle spins on its axis and can move in any direction from any point on that axis. This maneuverability allows the officer to easily patrol in close, tight spaces on campus streets or walkways. The Eagle is affordably priced, easy and fun to operate and gives the officer a high-profile security presence along with an enclosed, comfortable, heated and air conditioned cab space. The Eagle ODV is great for crowd control, patrolling and has enough power to move stalled vehicles. The ODV Elevating Command Post places a climate controlled office type environment...

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