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Multigrind® CU

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So small, so sassy ... so Haas: Multigrind® CU

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Fits everywhere and grinds almost everything. We just happened to reinvent the wheel Do you have to reinvent the wheel when you engineer a new grinding machine? Yes, you do – if the new grinding machine is just 1,600 millimeters wide, has a 12 kW spindle output at 8,000 rpm and the tool changer provides room for 9 grinding wheels, each with a 200 millimeter diameter. May we introduce the new grinding machine from Haas: Multigrind® CU! Multigrind® CU: extremely exact, highly compact Time and again, machining tool manufacturers have asked us when we would finally build a “small” but authentic...

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On a Multigrind® CU, you can produce a wide variety of precision cutting tools economically and to exact specifications New axis arrangement, new advantages Less rotating, faster grinding Unlike its sisters CB and CA, Multigrind® CU has Contrary to common practice, the C-axis of the a classical gantry construction with a centered Multigrind® CU does not turn the grinding spind- drive. But it wouldn’t be an authentic Haas le, but the machine table with the A-axis instead. machine if we hadn’t built in a few technical This design with a fixed spindle means 50 per- features to give users...

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The axes have finally tied the knot In addition to a well designed axis arrangement, the Multigrind® CU – like all Haas machines – has an accurately cast bed made of stable mineral composite. The coolant, whose three circuits run on a main cooling unit at the back of the machine, is located in the machine bed. This is not only economical, but also increases process stability. In conjunction with the machine enclosure, which covers all axes, this is how we create optimal climate conditions. Dressing unit (parallel and cross dressing) A machine table in C For a grinding machine that’s only...

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We’ve tucked it away, under the table Flexible production processes are extremely important to both high volume manufacturers and regrinders of precision tools alike. Spindle Driven by the C-axis and installed under the table, the tool changer of our Multigrind® CU grinding machines plays a key role in this grinding center’s flexibility and performance. The changer offers seven different ways to load the machine with grinding wheels of various diameters. The generously dimensioned wheel changer is optimally accessible for operators at the front, from the top. It no longer has a door,...

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A series of good results. Typical Haas: they thought of everything Today, hardly anyone can afford to order a new production hall or extension when they get a new machine. Time is money – and so is space. Tool manufacturers and regrinding operations agree: they want lots of machine in a small amount of space. We take this request seriously. The Multigrind® CU sets an example in this area, impressing customers with its minimal space requirement. Only 1.6 meters wide and 3.2 meters long – this compact, powerful grinding center doesn’t need more space. One after the other Of course we kept the...

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Easy-care down the line To us, user friendliness not only means intuiAll good things come in twos, threes, fours ... or more. Thanks to the machine’s well thought out concept, several CU grinding machines can be operated as a compact production unit. tive, easy-to-use software such as Multigrind® Horizon, but optimal access for supplying, inspecting and maintaining the grinding center. The main coolant unit, the maintenance cabinet and the electronics unit are all on the back of the CU to provide easy, fast access. All the control instruments and filling spouts are ergonomically positioned...

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Grinding spindles Coolant nozzle block On a Multigrind® CU, you can grind a wide variety of precision cutting tools or precision components in a variety of industries. For example: • Milling tools • Drills • Taps and thread molders • Cutting, profile and die plates • Inserts • Hollowing tools • Reamers • Hobs The CU has a well thought out axis arrangement, so its kinematics fulfill almost all expectations - even when it comes to full-sequence machining in one clamping. With the Multigrind® CU, you can choose between three different grinding spindles. Depending on what you want to grind. An...

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AutomationSixth Axis The condition of the grinding wheel is also key to excellent grinding results. If you want to grind to micron levels of precision, you need grinding wheels whose geometry is perfect. The dressing unit is mounted on the machine table in the Multigrind® CU, which makes it highly accessible. You can use it for parallel dressing or even put the perfect geometry back into tapered wheels with the cross dressing process. To do this, the dressing unit and machine table are moved to the grinding spindle, which has more than a large enough stroke thanks to the Z-axis. Our...

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Power rating PN    11.5 kW    Power rating PN    11 kWTorque rating MN    20 Nm    Torque rating MN    13 Nm n [rpm] 2,000    4,000    6,000    8,000    n [rpm] 5,000    10,000    15,000    20,000

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Grinding spindles Machine table Clamping surface    800 x 290 mm Travel range X-axis Y-axis Z-axis C-axis rotation range Optional: X3-auxiliary axis Measuring system and feed Linear axis resolution    0.0001 mm Linear axis rapid feed    30,000 mm/min Rotary axis resolution    0.001° Tool changer (Unit: Standard) Options for tool trays    Numberx diameter Automation Spindle handling 5 ma.- axis + 90° grinding angle Storage space    Without extra cabin, separate from working space Storage medium    Haas pallets, 259 x 200 mm Electrical supply Voltage rating    400 V/50 Hz fused with 63 A...

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