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Multigrind® CA - 18 Pages

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Multigrind® CA
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Catalog excerpts

Anything but expensive: Haas Multigrind® CA

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Compact exterior, vast interior. Multi-talented: The Multigrind® CA even impresses the proverbial “Swabian housewife” For many years now, the Swabian housewife has been recognized as the epitome of pragmatism and efficiency throughout Germany. While being frugal, she doesn’t deny herself any of life’s necessities, and is both practical and sensible. When you take a closer look at our Multigrind® CA, you’ll be convinced that a Swabian housewife played a Systematic Haas Multicube design with generously dimensioned guides and drive components that are positioned outside the workspace: the Multigrind®...

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Ergonomics involves much more than ideal working conditions - it also refers to safety and efficiency. The electrical and maintenance cabinets blend harmoniously into the compact cabin and are easily accessible. All relevant system displays are positioned at eye level and are therefore easy to monitor. The Multigrind® CA is available with the latest control technology as standard. The user-friendly Sinumerik 840D sl controller comes with everything a discerning user would expect to find: dynamism, precision and a user-friendly interface. Sinumerik Safety Integrated ensures that the machine meets...

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Controlled movement: kinematics Kinema is Greek and means “movement”. Kinematics is the study of the motion of points and bodies through space. We further refined the Haas Multicube design system to ensure that only the things that are supposed to move inside the Multigrind® CA actually move - and that only the forces we want to generate are actually generated. Vertical Z-axis in the center of the Y-bridge with collision protection. Large, easily accessible workspace. The grinding unit is positioned right in the middle of this “multifunctional grinding cube” made from thermo-resistant mineral...

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High-precision guides along the Y-axis and X-axis are molded into the mineral composite base. The Haas Multicube design made from mineral composite with excellent damping characteristics. Easily accessible pickup tool changer: integrated in a space-saving way, with two individually-powered segmented wheels (optional). Controlled dynamics: axes Dynamis is Greek and means “power”. Dynamics is the study of the causes of motion. In order to generate the highest possible - yet controlled - axial dynamics, the Multigrind® CA’s axes are aligned symmetrically in the center of the machine. The guide plates...

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Multi-tasking made easy. Relief grinding Grinding involves machining with a geo- Special workpieces, special challenges – all High-speed grinding of spots that are dif- metrically undefined cutting edge. It guar- in a day’s work for the relief grinding unit. ficult to reach. Not a problem with the right grinding pins. antees maximum dimensional accuracy – on the Multigrind CA. ® Indexable inserts and rotary precision tools, The cost-effective manufacture of small hob Sealing elements for guiding the airflow in turbine blades and vanes, hob cutters and cutters involves rough machining with large airplane...

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Belt grinding Our belt grinding unit goes by the name The Multigrind® CA can also mill, so you can perform cost-effective, complete machining duces are just as remarkable as its name. When it comes to medical implants or advan- Not only can our grinding machines be used ced components for the aerospace industry, for precisely grinding solid carbide cutters, the importance of homogeneous surfaces but they can also be used for milling. cannot be underestimated. To address this requirement, we designed and developed a The Multigrind® CA is used for milling when- pretty unique integrated belt grinding...

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Dressing For precise machining results, you need precise grinding wheels - throughout the entire grinding process. Grinding spindles Our grinding spindles - which we design and manufacture ourselves - can master any challenge. Coolant nozzles The first automatic height-adjustable cooling unit. A special solution for an underrated technical aspect. To manufacture dimensionally accurate tools and components of the utmost quality, you need grinding wheels that are optimally dressed throughout the entire grinding process. The grinding wheel must be conditioned during dressing or, in other words, returned...

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Tool changer Twice as good for automated series production: the patented Haas double-wheel pickup tool changer. Sixth axis Sometimes all good things come in sixes -especially when complete machining profile inserts. The automated series machining of diverse workpieces calls for the use of grinding wheels of various shapes and designs. The integrated, patented Haas tool changer features a single segmented wheel and can be loaded with different grinding wheels (7 wheels with a diameter of 250 mm or 13 wheels with a diameter of 100 mm). Our double-wheel pickup tool changer can even accommodate up...

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Care to reserve a table? The table maketh the machine The Multigrind® CA is a modular all-rounder and always has the right table for every job. By selecting the appropriate machine table, you can transform the Multigrind® CA into a surface or profile grinding machine, or even into a six-axis grinding center for the complete machining of profile inserts. Thanks to this flexible concept, the Multigrind® CA can be used for a variety of diverse tasks – from grinding the most minute precision tools through to huge roller cutters. This machine can handle workpieces with a maximum diameter of 260 mm...

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T-slotted plate The gold standard of stability and power. T-slotted plate X3 With variably driven X3-axes for even greater flexibility. Magnetic clamping plate Quick and cost-efficient multiple clamping of one or more tools. Machine tables from Haas offer the ultimate in rigidity. Like all our tables, the basic T-slotted plate version is manufactured from ultra-robust, ribbed spherulitic graphite iron. The T-slotted plate has seven 12H7 T-slots positioned at intervals of 50 mm. With a length of 1,000 mm and a width of 440 mm, even large components or rotation axes (for tailstocks or supports)...

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