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Haas Multigrind® CB - 22 Pages

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Haas Multigrind® CB
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Catalogue excerpts

Looks good, grinds better: Haas Multigrind® CB

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Our flagship grinding machine Newly developed products are always subject to intense scrutiny. That was certainly the case when we launched the Multigrind® CB. We didn’t simply want to roll out yet another grinding machine – we wanted to introduce the world to the next step in grinding technology. The Haas Multicube design features generously dimensioned guides and drive components outside of the workspace. Despite its size, the CB doesn’t compromise on stability and rigidity. Worth the effort The Multigrind® CB grinding center features five axes for significantly improved precision, flexibility...

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Great ergonomics isn’t just about the right working conditions - safety and efficiency also play a key role. The electrical and supply cabinets are easily accessible and seamlessly integrated into the compact enclosure. The CB comes with the latest generation controller as standard. The user-friendly Sinu-merik 840D sl offers everything that today’s grinding technicians need: flexibility, precision and compatibility. Not to mention the highest standards of safety, thanks to the Sinumerik Safety Integrated package. The Multigrind® CB comes with a convenient swivel control unit and a height-adjustable...

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Intelligent design3: the Multicube grinding cube. Controlled movement Kinematics is the study of the motion of points and bodies through space. That is, controlled movement. Inside the Multigrind® CB, we’ve made sure that the only things that do move are supposed to move, and that force is only generated where it’s needed. How? By making the Haas Multicube system standard in every CB. The grinding unit – the heart of the machine – is positioned right in the middle of the “multifunctional grinding cube”. It is made from a mineral composite and produced precisely according to our specifications....

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High-precision guides along the Y-axis are molded into the mineral composite base. Dynamic axes Dynamics is the study of forces and objects in motion. In order to ensure the greatest range of movement, the Multigrind® CB’s axes are aligned symmetrically in the center of the machine. The Haas Multicube design made from mineral composite with excellent damping characteristics. The Z-axis lies in the middle of the Y-axis bridge. Both the guides and the drive systems that power the axes are positioned in an easily accessible location outside the workspace. Overall, the Haas Easily accessible pickup...

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Polished solutions for highly specialized tasks. Relief grinding When you grind with a Multigrind® CB, you Classic Haas: a cleverly designed relief High-speed grinding of parts that are dif- can count on power and precision. No matter grinding unit for specialized grinding tasks. ficult to reach or feature complex geometry: what size your workpiece or component is. not a problem with the right grinding pins. Knee implants, artificial hip joints, turbine Haas engineers are renowned for their inge- Vanes, seal segments and duct segments are blades, vanes, roller cutters, gear cutting nious contributions...

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Belt grinding The great little belt grinding unit in the Grinding and milling using one machine in Multigrind® CB produces impressively a single clamping: full-sequence machining homogeneous surfaces. With certain workpieces and components, The Multigrind® CB is not only capable of the importance of homogeneous surfaces precisely grinding solid carbide cutters – cannot be underestimated. Manufacturers of if necessary it can also use them for milling. medical implants and aerospace equipment have incredibly high standards in this regard. The milling function is used whenever hardto-reach areas...

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What’s so special about the CB? All the special features! Continuous dressing Coolant nozzles Precisely positioned grinding wheels through- Perfectly dressed grinding wheels through- The automatic height-adjustable cooling out the entire grinding process are crucial to out the entire grinding process: Haas unit. Yet another Haas solution for an achieving precise machining results. continuous dressing. important technical field. If you want to grind dimensionally accurate, Processing geometrically complex work­ One of the drawbacks of switching grinding premium quality components, you have pieces...

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Tool changer Great for automated series production: Consistent dimensional accuracy all the the patented Haas double-wheel pickup time, every time. tool changer. The automated machining of diverse work- The Multigrind® CB comes standard with an pieces calls for the use of grinding wheels of integrated measuring unit mounted on the various shapes and designs. The integrated, spindle. An optional wireless probe is also patented Haas tool changer with a single available, which can be placed in the tool segmented wheel can be individually loaded changer and mounted onto the spindle’s with varying...

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Reserve your favorite table. The table maketh the machine Our range of tables is just as varied as the grinding applications you can perform with the Multigrind® CB. Once again, the CB shows off its modular engineering credentials with these tables made from ultra-robust spherulitic graphite iron. Thanks to its variable concept, the Multigrind® CB can be used for such diverse tasks as grinding the most minute precision tools or huge roller cutters. A stable guide, generously dimensioned ball screws and direct path measuring systems with an excellent resolution guarantee the ultimate in positioning...

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Single tablesT-slotted plate X3 T-slotted plate Magnetic clamping plate The T-slotted plate features nine 12H7 T-slots positioned at intervals of 50 mm. With a length of 1,200 mm or 1,400 mm and a width of 500 mm, even large components or rotary axes can be clamped easily and with outstanding stability. A tailstock or support can be used on the X3 T-slotted plate. The X3-axes can be driven either pneumatically or via the NC drive. If the X3 is pneumatically driven, supports for the clamping fixtures can be added or removed in a flash when retooling. Haas magnet clamping plates are perfect for...

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