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Sustainable Design for Public Interiors - 29 Pages

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Sustainable Design for Public Interiors

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This is Green Furniture Concept Green Furniture Concept makes sustainable seating and lighting for public interiors. Our modular seating series Nova and IOU give you the flexibility to create configurations as unique as your space. Leaf Lamp is an ambient, acoustic lighting solution that mimics the organic designs found in nature and is made entirely of natural materials. Green Furniture’s products can be found in places like Dublin Airport, Topanga Mall (LA) and Stockholm Central Station. The green mission We are here to make a change. We aim to show the world how sustainable products also...

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NOVA C BENCH - Page 20 NOVA C BACK - Page 22 NOVA C DOUBLE BACK - Page 24 NOVA C DOUBLE BENCH - Page 26 NOVA C BENCH - Page 28 NOVA C BENCH - Page 29 NOVA C RECLINER- Page 30 NOVA C KIDS - Page 31 Sustainability NORDIC ECOLABEL AND OTHER CERTIFICATIONS Green Furniture’s products fulfill the requirements needed for most large-scale interiors such as airports, railways and schools. We use the ‘Nordic Ecolabel’ as a baseline for our product development. The Nova C Series is also certified by the Scandinavian environmental verifications of ‘Sundahus’, ‘Möbelfakta’ and meet the requirements of...

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Seamless thinking We address medium to large public interior environments. This means we work with a few but large customers, which give us the ability to invest time in learning our customers’ business and listen very carefully to their specific demands. This results in a good opportunity to improve sense of place, customer satisfaction and sales. We believe in long-term relationships. Therefore, our furniture are designed to last. Made of durable materials and constructed in an ergonomic and timeless design, they own the ability to grow and change with the space over time. We call it "an...

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Product Services WARRANTY We ensure our products are free from defects in material and workmanship when properly installed, maintained and used for their intended purposes. We give you a 15 years’ warranty period for the Nova C Series, and 5 years for IOU and Leaf Lamp Series. YEARLY MAINTENANCE OFFER The IOU and Nova C series are easy to maintain to keep in mint condition, even in rough environments as railway stations and schools. However, on our active markets we offer you an optional service - a yearly touch up, removal of scratches and change of ribs or armrests if needed. Contact your...

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Modular seating solutions • Modular seating system easy to expand • High flexibility through fast reconfiguration • Individual and unique seating with convex and concave shapes • Massive wood products that radiate warmth and comfort • Creates atmosphere • Enhances the quality of stay • Robust, easy-care and resistent with 15-years warranty • Guides people flow • Sustainability in production and product cycle • Fire safety certificate: Bfl-s1 (EN 9239 / EN 13501) • 100% "Made in Sweden" and Canada using Nordic handicraft techniques • Treated only with hard wax oil - certified with "Nordic...

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Traditional seating – 126 Seats With convex and concave shapes plus the "endless" seating functionality, space can be used more efficiently. As a result, up to 30% more seats are available – at 50 cm seating area per person. The space saved by the intelligent arrangement of the Nova C benches can be used in a variety of ways. Nova C seating – 180 Seats [126 + 30% free space] Efficient seating solutions Because we can seat more individuals within a smaller surface area, there is always seating available, even when the space get crowded. Finding the right density ratio also makes commercial...

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An additional benefit of the products is that you can change the individual modules (each approx. 1m long) to create a Modularity - flexible configurations completely different configuration. 01. Nova C Bench 02. Nova C Bench Curved 03. Nova C Bench 90˚ 04. Nova C Bench Wide 05. Nova C Bench Wide Curved 06. Nova C Back 07. Nova C Back Convex 08. Nova C Back Concave 09. Nova C Back Convex 90˚ 10. Nova C Back Concave 90˚ 11. Nova C Double 12. Nova C Double Curved 13. Nova C Senior 14. Nova C Senior Double 15. Nova C Double Bench Straight 16. Nova C Double Bench Curved NOVA C BENCH 01. Bracket...

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Configurations with 4 bench modules Gives you the flexibility and freedom to optically change your seating area. Easy and fast reconfiguration of existing bench modules to meet the needs of specific events or promotions. Configurations with 8 bench modules 01 All these forms can be created with the same 8 bench modules within 5 minutes. Replacing the wooden ribs Simple and cost-effective replacement of components in rare case of Handling of deep scratches with damage. Individual wooden ribs can be supplied by us at any time and RUBIO MONOCOAT – Oil plus 2C the replacement involves 4 screws...

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Wood colors Standard Colors The wood in our seating furniture is treated with plant-based hard wax oil, a product with 0% VOC which creates a molecular bonding with the wood. This preserves the natural look and feel of the wood, while making it resistant over time and makes removing of eventual scratches quick and easy. RUBIO COLORS 01. Pure Birch 02. Pure Oak 03. Dark Oak 04. Charcoal 05. STHLM C 06. Cotton White 07. Super White 08. Smoke 09. Castel Brown 10. Silver Grey 11. Sky Grey 12. Slate Grey Wood veneer, Natural Hard Wax Oil RUBIO COLORS FOR NOVA C KIDS 13. Dark Green 14. Light...

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Nova C Bench is our product variant without a backrest providing flexible seating from both sides being, therefore, an ideal choice for the middle of a room. The bench shapes a seamless seating line for natural flow control and can create social configurations together with other modules from Nova C. The grand configurations are held in place by their own weight, with no need to bolt the sections to the floor, yet can be snapped apart for thorough cleaning or reconfiguration. NOVA C BENCH 01. Straight with Planters 02. Wiggly with Planters 03. Straight 04. Wiggly 05. Ondular with Planters...

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