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GoodYear Aviation - 22 Pages

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GoodYear Aviation
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Catalog excerpts

Global Aviation Tires The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company 200 Innovation Way Akron, Ohio 44316 ON THE WINGS OF GOOD-YEAR www.goodyearaviation.com 2018 The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Effective Date 6/18

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3    DATA SECTION - TIRES Three Part Name Sizes Type I Type III Type VII Metric and Radial 4    DATA SECTION—TUBES AND VALVES Tube and Valve Technical Data Tube Valve Types and Technical Data 5    APPLICATION CHARTS General Aviation/Business Aircraft Commercial Aircraft Military Aircraft Rotary Wing Aircraft 6    ENGINEERING AND TECHNICAL INFORMATION Tire Size Selection Tubeless Tire in Place of Tube Type Tires Tire Measurement Procedure Operating Tire Temperatures Load Ratings Used for Helicopters Radius of Gyration Aircraft Tire Dimensions and Deflection Growth and Minimum Clearance Allowance—Bias Growth...

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DEFINITIONS AND ABBREVIATIONS Tire Name Type TIRE NAME SIZE CLASSIFICATION Three Part Type    All new sizes being developed are in this classification. NOTE: Some sizes have a letter such as "H" in front of the diameter. This is to identify a tire that is designed for a higher percent deflection. Radial    Radial size nomenclature is the same as Three Part Type except an "R" replaces the "-" (dash) before the wheel/rim diameter. Metric Type    This size designation is the same as Three Part except the diameter and section width. Dimensions are in millimeters, and the wheel/rim diameter is in inches....

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SERVICE RATING INFLATED DIMENSIONS Size Rated Speed (MPH) Rated Load (Lbs) Rated Inflation (PSI) Maximum Braking Load Maximum Bottoming Load Tread Design / Trademark Part Number Outside Diameter Section Width Static Loaded Radius (In) Flat Tire Radius (In) Aspect Ratio Width Between Flanges Specified Rim Diameter Flange Height Flight Leader Aircraft Rib Flight Leader Flight Leader Flight Leader Flight Leader Flight Leader Aircraft Rib Flight Leader Flight Leader ER Flight Leader Flight Leader Flight Leader Aircraft Rib Aircraft Rib Flight Leader Flight Leader Aircraft Rib

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Tube Valve Types and Technical Data DATA SECTION—TUBES AND VALVES GOODYEAR AIRPLANE INNTERTUBES ARE MANUFACTURED TO RIGID STANDARDS • Meets or exceeds all commercial and military performance requirements. o Meets MIL-I-5014 military specification except for packaging. All tubes are individually wrapped in .005mm gauge clear plastic and cardboard boxed in various quantities. • Made from natural rubber which offers long life and meets cold temperature performance requirements. • Factory balanced. The heavy spot is marked with a yellow stripe. If it does not have a stripe the valve is considered...

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MAIN TIRE AUXILIARY TIRE TIRE SIZE Aero Commander TIRE SIZE The application information presented within this manual is based on the most current information available and is intended for use as a GENERAL REFERENCE ONLY. Any inquiries regarding specific model aircraft should be directed to the applicable airframe manufacturer. Your requirements may vary depending upon the actual configuration of your aircraft. All Goodyear tires are manufactured in accordance with TSO-C62, MIL-T-5041, AIR8505A and/or applicable airframe manufacturer specifications. Additionally, all tire sizes included in this...

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MAIN TIRE AUXILIARY " MANU FACTURER MODEL MAIN TIRE AUXILIARY TIRE TIRE SIZE TIRE SIZE TIRE SIZE TIRE SIZE ( Raytheon ( Raytheon ( Raytheon (Raytheon , Hawker Beechcra , Hawker Beechcra , Hawker Beechcra , Hawker Beechcra Bellanca Staggerwi ng T^yin Beech Musketeer Sport Musketee r Su ndo^yner Debo nair Bonanza Twin Bonanza Baron Duke Queen Air Duchess Skipper King Air Travel Air Airliner Super King Air Super King Air Starship 1 Premier I Beechjet H awker H o rizo n Cirrus Design Dassault F406 411 414 421 425 441 500, 501 510 Ca rava n 11 Cha ncellor Golden Eagle Conquest I Co nquest 11 Citation...

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MAIN TIRE AUXILIARY TIRE MANU FACTURER MODEL TIRE SIZE TIRE SIZE TIRE SIZE Super Courie Super Courie MAIN TIRE TIRE SIZE Israel Aircraft Industries 1121 1123 1124 1125 1126 Jet Commander Westw i n d Westw i n d Astra Ga laxy Legacy Evolution Rockwell (North American) (North American) (North American) (North American) (North American) Mahindra (Gipps) Dahe Dahe Lunar Rocke Super Rocke (North American, Ryan) Navion Rangemaste Thrush Aircraft (Ayres) Cub Cub Coupe Cub Cruiser Cub Special Super Cruiser Family Cruiser Vagabond Super Cub Apache Aztec Commanche Cherokee Cruiser Cherokee Warrior Cadet Archer Turbo...

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COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT LEGEND o Tires are low speed unless designated. o Tires are tubeless unless otherwise indicated. CODE: TT=Tube-type    DT = Deflector Type IDENTIFYING INFO Boeing MANUFACTURER IDENTIFYING INFO MAIN GEAR NOSE GEAR TIRE SIZE TIRE SIZE Cara velle Nord 262 Concorde British Aerospace (BAe) (Hawker Siddeley) (Vickers) (BAC) (Hawker Siddeley) One-Eleven Trident Bombardier (Canadair) Dreamliner Dreamliner de Havilland Canada (Viking) DHC-4 DHC-5 DHC-6 DHC-7 Caribou Buffalo Twin Otter Dash 7 de Havilland Canada (Bombardier)

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IDENTIFYING INFO Dornier (Fairchild-Dornier) Bandeira nte Brasilia Xingu Regional Jet Regional Jet Regional Jet E170/E175 E190/E195 Fairchild (Swearingen) (Fairchild-Dornier) Merlin Metro Friendship Fellowship Lodestar Electra Hercules Constellation Super Constellation TriStar TriStar

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CODE: TT=Tube-type    TL=Tubeless    SC=Smooth Contour IM ANU FA CT URER AUXILIARY TIRE MANUFACTURER MODEL McDonnell Douglas TIRE SIZE North American Beech (Raytheon) Jayha w k Texa n I I IN^ento r Sem inole Ki ng Ai r Skyhawk Harrier 11 G l o bema ster Phantom II Eagle Strike Eagle Extender IM usta ng Buckeye MAIN TIRE _TIRE SIZE    | 24x5.5 26x7.75-13 26x7.75R13 III    50x21.0-20 AUXILIARY TIRE TIRE SIZE    | PLY RATING AWACS AACP M erc u ry B uff Stratotanker British Aerospace Harrier Outrigger Strikemaster Av i oj et Ocean Sentry B i rd Dog Skyma ster Blue Canoe S ky w agon Dragon Fly Strike...

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