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G212 - 2 Pages

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configurable for remote sensing and aerial surveying tasks. G212 is a multi-sensor flying platform automatically operating in aerial mapping and remote sensing flight missions. With its minimum of 3.8 kg takeoff-weight it can carry up to 1 kg of payload. This might be different cameras or other remote sensing devices. G212 is lightweight yet very stable in flight. It may be configured with e.g. a higres RGB and a highres NIR camera at the same time. The easy to use ground control station MissionPlanner runs on a notebook or tablet, makes flight planning quickly accomplished, and monitors in realtime position and status of G212 when in flight Applications are in the domains of e.g. corridor mapping, forestry, agriculture, security, environment monitoring, construction, rapid disaster response, and many others more. GerMAP GmbH, Justinus-Kerner-Str. 8, 73642 Welzheim, Germany Email: info@germap.com, Phone: +49.7182.9359320, URL: www.germap.com

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Getmon Mapping SUSA = Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft e.g. generation of aerial surveying images Fixed wing, delta wing GerMAP, Germany, www.germap.com Wing span Max/min take-off weight 4900 / 3800 grams (ready-to-fly, incl. autopilot, LiPo, cameras) Cruise speed Folding push-propeller, E-motor 350 W, 1 Li-Po-battery 4 cells, 14.8 V, e.g. 7000 mAh Start & Landing Hand start or catapult, sliding landing; in modes manual or semi-automatic Control electronics Autopilot, equipped with GPS- and IMU-sensors; pilot R/C Flight modes autopilot flies G212 and exposes aerial images location based autopilot...

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