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The Transonic Wind Tunnel Göttingen (TWG) - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

The Transonic Wind Tunnel Göttingen (TWG)

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The TWG is a closed circuit, ‘Göttingen Type’, wind tunnel for sub-, trans-, and supersonic flow research and development tests at air, space, and surface vehicle configurations and components. The eight-stage axial compressor with an electrical power supply of 12 MW allows for Key Technical Parameters Mach number Adaptive walls Perforated walls 0.3 ÷ 1.2 Laval nozzle continuous flow in the test section. An auxiliary 0.3 ÷ 1.5 × 10 Pa 5 Dynamic pressure (max) .53 × 10 5 Pa 0 Temperature range radial compressor with 3 MW is used as a suction plant, in the case that the test section with perforated...

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the test runs, and the measurement and data acquisition are automatically controlled by an integrated hard- and software system. Simulation Range The Mach number range covered by the three test sections of the TWG is 0.3 < M < 2.2. Between M=0.9 and 1.2 the flow simulation needs additional suction through the perforated walls and out of the plenum with re-injection behind the flexible diffuser. To vary the Reynolds number, the total pressure of the test gas can be varied in the range 0.3 +1.5 x105 Pa. This results in maximum Reynolds numbers of 1.8x106 based on a 3D model reference length of 0.1...

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The Transonic Wind Tunnel Göttingen (TWG) The transonic test section with conventionally Figure 4 perforated walls (6% open, 60° inclined, Model installation between Mdesign = 1.05) can be operated with different side walls. suction rates in the range 0.3 ≤ M ≤ 1.2. The second test section has flexible upper and lower walls allowing a 2D adaptation to the flow field. Thus, compared to conventional test sections, the wall interference is reduced and/or larger models can be used in the range 0.3 ≤ M ≤ 0.9. Using wall pressure distribution measurements a single-step algorithm, based on Cauchy´s integral...

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Test Sections and Model Supports which can be shifted by an offset installation. This support is placed upstream of the standard 3D model position in order to provide a better wake simulation, especially for 2D models. The portal support is designed to support half models or side sting mounted models and to take up hydraulically driven pitch and heave oscillation and flutter test beds. This and other dynamic test beds, specifically adapted to the TWG, are operated by the DLR Institute of Aeroelasticity at Gottingen. In the supersonic test section (Laval nozzle) remotely controlled, synchronized...

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The Transonic Wind Tunnel Göttingen (TWG) Special Simulation Services Figure 8 DNW-TWG offers flexible solutions for special Missile model with trough simulation tasks, some with support of DLR- flow ducts (throttle cone behind tail nozzle). • High precision Mach number tuning in steps of 0.001 • Continuous sweep measurement of pitch (0.5°/sec) • Direct sideslip angle simulation (span direction horizontal) • Efficient systems for suction and blowing (heated air) through model or tunnel walls • Air intake simulation, drag bookkeeping by Schlieren picture of space duct flow measurement • Forced...

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Simulation Services and Measurement Techniques the wind tunnel is well prepared and includes the integration in the TWG data acquisition system. Forces and Moments For the measurement of static total forces and moments a wide range of internal strain gauge balances of different size and load range is available (most of them manufactured by TASK Able and the follow up company Aerophysics Research Instruments). Additional balances are used for half-model tests and for forces on model parts, respectively. For unsteady force and moment measurements special piezo-electric balances (owned by DLR) can...

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Wind Tunnels Operated by DNW General Inquiries Henri Vos Business Development Mobile:    +31 6 12 97 52 82 E-mail:    info@dnw.aero HST, SST Anthony Fokkerweg 2 1059 CM Amsterdam The Netherlands Contact:    G.H. Hegen E-mail:    info@dnw.aero NWB Lilienthalplatz 7 38108 Braunschweig Germany Contact:    A. Bergmann E-mail:    dnw-nwb@dnw.aero TWG, HDG, KRG, RWG BunsenstraGe 10 37073 Gottingen Germany Contact:    K.-W. Bock E-mail:    dnw-guk@dnw.aero KKK Linder Hohe 51147 Koln Germany Contact:    R. Rebstock E-mail:    dnw-kkk@dnw.aero LLF, LST, ECF Voorsterweg 31 8316 PR Marknesse The Netherlands Contact:...

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