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40 Years German-Dutch Wind Tunnels - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

40 YEARS GERMAN - DUTCH WIND TUNNELS 01 JANUARY 1976 Installation of project group under project directors Freerk Jaarsma and Manfred Seidel 30 JUNE 1976 Establishment of Foundation DNW 02 MAY 1979 First time wind-on LLF 01 JULY 1976 Start of civil construction work F by driving first pile of LLF 01 MARCH 1978 First Advisory mmittee Meeting Committee Meeting 01 MARCH 1996 Appointment of Cor Joosen as Deputy Director 30 JUNE 2016 Celebration 40 years DNW 01 JANUARY 1996 Integration of LST and NWB into DNW Appointment of Hans-Ulrich Meier as Director 22 OCTOBER 1986 Celebration of ten years of operation of the LLF 01 JANUARY 2016 NWB transferred to new Business Unit BGK tion Qualification of KKK for train testing 2005 Model positioning mechanism f MPM of NWB operation operational New fan drive system NWB. Hexapod for dynamic derivatives operational 01 APRIL 1984 Appointment of Heinrich Weyer as Director of first Appointment of first operational directors Jürgen Barche and Jacques van Nunen 3 DECEMBER 1980 31 D Discharge of project directors 01 MARCH 1982 Appointment of August Runge as Deputy Director 1982 First TPS test with h Airbus A300 model 01 JANUARY 2000 DLR and NLR tunnels fully integrated in DNW g of DNW by Ceremonial opening of DNW by Mrs. Smit-Kroes and Dr. Haunschild - from European cooperation to global leadership - 1995 01 JANUARY 1994 Leasing of NWB by DLR and LST by NLR to DNW for two- year trial 01 APRIL 1998 Appointment rg of Georg Eitelberg as Director 2007 EU-financed fan drive modernization of LLF 01 APRIL 2012 Appointment of Christophe Hermans as Deputy Director SEPTEMBER 2010 Acoustic upgrade nalized NWB finalized 1998 Acoustic mirror and array systems for localization of acoustic sources 2011 SE SEPTEMBER 2011 First part acoustic upgrade LLF finalized S SEPT SEPTEMBER 2014 Seco part acoustic Second upgrad

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40 YEARS GERMAN - DUTCH WIND TUNNELS - from European cooperation to global leadership - On the 30th of June 1976 the Duits-Nederlandse Windtunnel / Deutsch-Niederlandischer Windkanal (German-Dutch wind tunnel DNW) was established as a foundation, only two years after first contacts between the two parent institutes, the Netherlands and German Aerospace Centers NLR and DLR. This milestone, achieved with the support of the German and the Netherlands governments, marks the start of the first joint venture in Europe operating a large aeronautical facility: a European collaboration 'avant-la-lettre'. German-Dutch...

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