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GMS-015Y - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

■w VI w.gc ncra (me b i lop/od    m GMS-015Y Main Features Frequency Voltage Power factor Phase and connection Power Rating Standby power LTP Standby power LTP Prime power PRP Prime power PRP Ratings definition (According to standard ISO8528 1:2005) PRP - Prime Power: It is defined as being the maximum power which a generating set is capable of delivering continuously whilst supplying a variable electrical load when operated for an unlimited number of hours per year under the agreed operating conditions with the maintenance intervals and procedures being carried out as prescribed by the manufacturer. The permissible average power output over 24 h of operation shall not exceed 70 % of the prime power. LTP - Limited-Time running Power: It is defined as the maximum power available, under the agreed operating conditions, for which the generating set is capable of delivering for up to 500 h of operation per year (whose no more than 300 for continuative use) with the maintenance intervals and procedures being carried out as prescribed by the manufacturers. No overload capability is available.

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Engine specifications Engine manufacturer    Yanmar BGPGE [50Hz] Exhaust emission level    Unregulated Engine cooling system    Water Nr. of cylinder and disposition    3 in line Aspiration    Natural Speed governor    Mechanical Prime gross power PRP    kW    13.3 Maximum gross power LTP    kW    14 Fuel    Diesel Specific fuel consumption @    75% PRP    g/kWh    250 Specific fuel consumption @    PRP    g/kWh    250 Starting system    Electric ■w VI w.gc ncra (me b i lop/od    m Engine Equipment Standards The above ratings represent the engine performance capabilities to conditions specified...

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Alternator Specifications Alternator    Mecc Alte Power factor    cos $    0.8 Type    Brushless Voltage regulation system    Electronic Class    H Mechanical structure Robust mechanical structure which permits easy access to the connections and components during routine maintenance check-ups. Voltage regulator Voltage regulation with DSR. The digital DSR controls the range of voltage, avoiding any possible trouble that can be made by unskilled personnel. The voltage accuracy is ±1% in static condition with any power factor and with speed variation between 5% and +30% with reference to the rated...

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■w VI w.gc ncra (me b i lop/od    m Genset equipment BASE FRAME MADE OF WELDED STEEL PROFILE, COMPLETE WITH: • Anti-vibration mountings properly sized • Welded support legs PLASTIC FUEL TANK WITH THE FOLLOWING COMPONENT: • Filler neck • Air breather (ventilation pipe) • Minimum fuel level sensor OIL DRAININ PIPE WITH CAP: • Oil draining facilities ENGINE COMPLETE WITH: • Battery • Liquids (no fuel) CANOPY: • Soundproof canopy made up of modular panels, realized with zinced steel as treatment against corrosion and aggressive conditions, properly fixed and sealed allowing a full weatherproof enclosure. •...

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Dimensional data Fuel tank capacity    l    68 Fuel consumption @ 75% PRP Fuel consumption @ 100% PRP Running time @ 75% PRP Running time @ 100% PRP Noise level Guaranteed noise level (LWA)    dB(A)    94 Noise pressure level @ 7 mt    dB(A)    65 Installation data Data Current ■w VI w.gc ncra (me b i lop/od    m Battery capacity MAX current Circuit breaker Control panel availability AUTOMATIC CONTROL PANEL    ACP

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ACP - Automatic control panel ■w VI w.gc ncra (me b i lop/od    m Mounted on the genset, complete with digital control unit for monitoring, control and protection of the generating set, protected through door with lockable handle. DIGITAL INSTRUMENTATION • Generating set voltage (3 phases). • Mains voltage. • Generating set frequency. • Generating set current (3 phases). • Battery voltage. • Power (kVA - kW - kVAr). • Power factor Cos 9. • Hours-counter. • Engine speed r.p.m. • Fuel level (%). • Engine temperature (depending on model) COMMANDS AND OTHERS • Four operation modes: OFF - Manual starting...

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Only Available when order CONTROL PANEL SUPPLEMENT RCG - Various supplements for remote controls - available for    ACP models: TLP - Various supplements for remote signals - available for    ACP models: ADI - Adjustable Differential Intensity - available only for    ACP models: TIF - IV Poles Circuit Breaker instead of III - available for    ACP Socket kit SKB socket kit B: Component version    SKB1 Individual CB and Earth Fault protection    V GENSET EQUIPMENT AFP - Automatic Fuel Pump    ACP ■w VI w.gc ncra (me b i lop/od    m Extended Fuel Tank Fuel tank capacity Length (Genset) Width (Genset) Height...

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Items available as accessory equipment STR - Site trailer RTR - Road Trailer LTS - LOAD TRANSFER SWITCH - Accessories ACP The Load Transfer Switch (LTS) panel operates the power supply changeover between the generator and the Mains in backup applications, guarantying the feeding to the load within a short period of time. It consists of a standalone cabinet which can be installed separate from the generating set. The logic control of the power supply changeover is operated by means of the Automatic Control panel mounted on the generating set, so therefore none logic device is required on the LTS...

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