MPO High Performance Fibre Optics for High Density Networks - 8 Pages

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MPO High Performance Fibre Optics for High Density Networks

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MTP ® Solutions MPO High Performance Fibre Optic Solutions for High Density Networks SMARTER GLOBAL CONNECTIONS

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Data Centre Cabling Solution The Data Centre The number of data centres is increasing globally. Demand for greater processing power, data storage space and high-speed internet access means, choosing the right cabling infrastructure is essential, to ensure that those who rely on IT systems and telecommunications networks get access to information when and where they need it. The Right Solution Your network is the heartbeat of your organisation. Cabling infrastructure now has to be designed to deliver mission-critical applications to a converged network that demands reliability, speed and...

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MTP ® MPO Cabling Solutions For Data Centres Optronics have established state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, that provide a rapid turnaround on all of your orders. MTP ® MPO Trunk Cables MTP ® MPO System Solution For High Density Fibre The MTP ® MPO cabling system is ideally suited for a high density environment that demands space saving cable density and innovative cable management solutions. MTP ® MPO Trunk Cables MTP ® MPO Fanout Assemblies Factory terminated and tested. 12 fibres per connector. Push-pull type mating/un-mating. Bespoke lengths to customer’s requirements. Fibre...

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MTP ® MPO Implementation Typical Data Centre Installation Slimline Patch Panel The Technology Key Features Installation is simple and fast. MTP ® MPO connectors are robust. Connectors click into their adaptors and are reverse polarity protected. Easy to use cable management solutions. High density 72 fibres per 1 U of space. 12 fibres per Connector. Less cable yields more space in cabinets and cable raceways, giving better airflow. Up to 15,000 fibres per rack. Reliability Cables terminated and factory tested. State of the art termination processes. Quality controlled at every step. Immune to...

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Modular Patch Panel Patch Leads Trunk Cable Tailored Solutions The modular nature of our MTP ® MPO system means it is totally flexible. At Optronics we understand there is no such thing as a “standard” installation. In Data Centres there are many di erent cable routes, requiring varying cable lengths, not to mention the di erent polarity configurations that may be required. We can supply factory tested products tailored to your requirements including helping you to plan your space and physical layouts to maximum space efficiency with potential for growth and flexibility in the future. From the...

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At all of our manufacturing facilities we have the advantage of both expertise and advanced technology. Our manufacturing processes are unique and controlled at every stage. From our extensive stocks we are able to cut cable to any length and terminate, test and label every connection to suit your requirement. Domaille Engineering HDC-5100 Fibre Polishing Machine. The HDC-5100 is recognised as the industry’s leading high-performance Polishing machine. Complemented by precision polishing plates holders designed for MT ferrules. The result is high throughput, high-performance consistent MPT ®...

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The Future - Parallel Optics The requirement for greater bandwidth in data centres increases daily. Currently we see fibre links being run at speeds in excess of 10 gigabits per second performance, parallel optics is a way to increase this performance through put. Typically data is transmitted over one fibre and received on another. Parallel optics uses multiple fibres to both transmit and receive data simultaneously. In a typical application one byte of information is split into bits and each bit is then coded and sent across individual fibres, it is then decoded and put back together at the...

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Contact us For further details, please visit our new online catalogue or call our sales team. / Welwyn Garden City : Hemei Hem pstead    B~~mIBV — I Hemel na,JS''| - mp&nj Hempstead Adeyfieid. stMlchaei st Albania ^>xm(><>' Leveratock\_ Green 1 Nash Mills V v Bedmonc Hill | jjjjj* Abbots— L8nflifyyL'-angley onerfield    ~ Chiswellj Green 'Bucket kWood 'Park Street c —    ' London. Coiney North Myrhms Brookmans Park Coiney Street Shenleybury Y ^ Shenley Aldenham Park Souttj [Mimms

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