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MPO High Performance Fibre Optic Solutions for Data Centres

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MTP ® Solutions MPO High Performance Fibre Optic Solutions for Data Centres SMARTER GLOBAL CONNECTIONS

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1    MTP Solutions for High Density Networks CABLE SOLUTIONS The Right MTP Solution Reduce deployment time and improve project ROI Demand for greater processing power, efficient data centre design and high-speed internet access means choosing the right cabling infrastructure is essential. The Optronics MTP solution provides a high density, high performance, robust, modular solution, for fast installation of enterprise data centre and other high fibre count implementation. st installation count cabling Cabling infrastructure designed to deliver mission-critical applications to a data...

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MTP Solutions for High Density Networks | MTP Technology 2 Key features ► MTP connectors offer high precision and robust connectivity ► Connectors click into their adaptors and are reverse polarity protected ► Easy to use cable management solutions ► Installation is simple and fast ► Immune to EMI/RFI High density ► Highest fibre density of any standard connector ► 12 fibres per connector as standard ► Less cable yields more space in cabinets and cable raceways, giving better airflow ► Up to 15,000 fibres connections per rack Reliability ► Cable assemblies are factory terminated and tested...

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MTP Solutions for High Density Networks | The MTP Connector Multi Fibre High Density Unique The Optronics MTP cabling solution utilises MTP branded MPO connectors manufactured by US Conec Ltd. The MTP . US Conec MTP connector introduces many features which give technical superiority over the standard MPO design providing excellent physical and optical properties. The integrity of the connection is provided by latches within the adaptor which are secured into place on the connector with a spring loaded mechanism. Precision alignment is achieved with specially designed guide pins. MTP...

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MTP Solutions for High Density Networks | MTP Components Enterprise data centre topology The amount of enterprise data transmitted and stored is continuing to grow exponentially. Data centres which host a large number of interconnections between servers, switches and storage devices are especially Contemporary SAN (Storage Area Network) can contain thousands of FC (Fibre Channel) ports. Mission-critical applications require the highest reliability, as no downtime is acceptable. New trends and technologies like server virtualisation will require even more bandwidth and increase the demand...

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5 MTP Solutions for High Density Networks | MTP Components CABLE SOLUTIONS System Components The Optronics MTP System is the ultimate solution for current and next generation Data Centre requirements. This high density, scalable system is designed to enable thousands of connections, whilst the modular design improves troubleshooting and reconfiguration during moves, adds and changes (MACs). Flexibility and component diversity means MTP systems can serve multiple topologies, utilising a variety of protocols such as Fibre Channel, Ethernet or Infiniband. Hybrid Assemblies Available MTP Trunk...

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MTP trunk cable to modular patch panel The 1U MTP modular patch panel can host up to 3 MTP modules. 72 LC front ports can be interfaced with MTP trunk assemblies. Cassettes are easy to install and can be quickly providing MAC time. MTP modules can be replaced with 8 MTP adaptor plates for direct trunk cable to fan out interface. MTP Solutions for High Density Networks | MTP Components PULL PULL Fibre Count Typically 72 Fibre LC or 24 MTP = 288 Fibres MTP trunk cable to pre loaded 1U slimline patch panel MTP trunk connectors. The factory terminated and tested The slimline panel is used to...

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MTP Solutions for High Density Networks | MTP Implementation Architecture High Density Flexible Architecture Advanced Technology The Data Centre Topology MTP Breakout Cable Active Equipment/Storage Main Cross Connect Example Architecture San Director Cabinet MTP Modular Patch Panel MTP Slimline Patch Panel

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MTP Solutions for High Density Networks | MTP Implementation Architecture 8 CABLE SOLUTIONS The Problem In the enterprise environment all data must be stored and archived by SAN. Data centre backbone products like SAN directors support hundreds of optical ports therefore single cabinets must host thousands of optical interconnections and patchcords. Storage area networks must feature high density and modularity for easy reconfiguration of cabling infrastructure. The Implementation of high bandwidth SAN protocols like 8 and 10Gb Fibre Channel (FC) products yields a reduced power budget. The...

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MTP Solutions for High Density Networks | Channel Link Performance Channel Link Performance High bandwidth protocols such as 8/10Gbps Fibre Channel (FC) and 10Gbps Ethernet require precise insertion loss budgets. When considering insertion loss budgets particular attention must be paid to the number of connections in the link. High Bandwidth Fibre - OM4 Gem Cable’s in house technical expertise and software enable us to approach network design and performance with proven experience, to accommodate any network topology, protocols and quality of interconnection The reduction of...

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MTP Solutions for High Density Networks | MTP System Components 10 Your System Your Choice Themodularnatureofour MTP system means it is totally    We understand there is no such thing as a "standard" installation. In Data Centres, there are many different cable routes, requiring varying cable lengths, not to mention the polarity    that may be required. We can supply factory tested products, tailored to your requirements and offer assistance with physical layouts to maximise space efficiency and enable potential for growth and flexibility in the future. From the smallest project to...

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