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FILTER DEBRIS ANALYSIS (FDA) The answer is in the filter Automated FDA is an effective, and easily-deployable method of assessing gear and rolling element bearing damage modes. It can be used as a stand-alone condition monitoring tool, or to supplement existing condition monitoring programs. Description FDA is performed using Gastops' commercially available FilterCHECK, which completes the analysis by backwashing the filter with a clean fluid. The backwashing process creates a slurry entraining all of the particles contained in the filter. First, a sample cycle is completed, where the slurry flows through a 20 pm nylon patch, capturing a representative sample of particles from the filter for a later EDXRF analysis. Then an extensive wash cycle is completed to extract the remaining particles from the filter. The slurry flows through a Gastops' MetalSCAN sensor which quantifies the number of small, medium, and large ferrous and non-ferrous particles. Particle sizes are sorted in accordance with the table below. Bulk EDXRF (Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence) analysis is then completed on the patch created from the FDA sample cycle, with the results for each detected element output in pg/cm2, and overall concentration calculated. Complementary Techniques • Patch Visual Analysis (TD-FA-002): The patch created during the sample cycle is analyzed using a microscope to identify particle type and morphology of particles captured on the patch. • Chip Debris Analysis - LIBS Method (TD-MA-001): Particles > 80 pm on the patch created during the sample cycle are selected for chip debris analysis. Particle spectra are matched to alloy spectra in a pre-defined library. • Statistical Analysis (TD-CI-001): FDA data is statistically analyzed in accordance with Gastops proprietary methods and industry standards to develop limits representative of machinery condition. Head Office 1011 Polytek Street Ottawa ON K1J 9J3 Canada _ LONG LIVE EQUIPMENT _ Halifax Office    St. John's Office 65 John Savage Avenue, Unit 5    146a Glencoe Drive Dartmouth NS B3B 2C9    Mount Pearl NL A1N 4S9 Canada    Canada

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Deliverables Results are delivered in a comprehensive report that includes the following: 1. Counts Data: The count of all ferrous and non-ferrous particles extracted from the filter. Also includes total ferrous mass of particles, and mass per filter operating hours (based on provided filter operating hours). 2. Patch Photo: photo of the patch generated during the sample cycle. 3. Patch EDXRF Results: Patch EDXRF results for 11 elements. Head Office 1011 Polytek Street Ottawa ON K1J 9J3 Canada Halifax Office 65 John Savage Avenue, Unit 5 Dartmouth NS B3B 2C9 Canada St. John's Office 146a Glencoe...

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