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Portable Aviation Receiver Owner’s Manual

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Copyright © 2008, 2012 Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. This manual reflects the operation of System Software version 6.20 or later. Some differences in operation may be observed when comparing the information in this manual to earlier or later software versions. Garmin International, Inc., 1200 East 151st Street, Olathe, Kansas 66062, U.S.A. Tel: 913/397.8200 Fax: 913/397.8282 Garmin AT, Inc., 2345 Turner Road SE, Salem, OR 97302, U.S.A. Tel: 503/391.3411 Fax 503/364.2138 Garmin (Europe) Ltd, Liberty House, Bulls Copse Road, Hounsdown Business Park, Southampton, SO40...

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Warnings, Cautions & Notes WARNING: When installing the GPSMAP® 695/696, place the unit so it does not obstruct the field of view or interfere with operating controls. WARNING: The indicators represented on the Panel are based on GPS-derived data and may differ from the instruments in the aircraft. WARNING: The GPSMAP 695/696 is intended only as an aid for VFR navigation. Do not attempt to use this unit for any purpose requiring precise measurement of direction, distance, location, or topography. WARNING: Navigation and terrain separation must NOT be predicated upon the use of the terrain...

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Warnings, Cautions & Notes WARNING: Do not rely solely upon the display of traffic information for collision avoidance maneuvering. The traffic display does not provide collision avoidance resolution advisories and does not under any circumstances or conditions relieve the pilot’s responsibility to see and avoid other aircraft. WARNING: Do not rely solely upon the display of traffic information to accurately depict all of the traffic within range of the aircraft. Due to lack of equipment, poor signal reception, and/or inaccurate information from aircraft or ground stations, traffic may be...

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Warnings, Cautions & Notes WARNING: To reduce the risk of unsafe operation, carefully review and understand all aspects of the GPSMAP 695/696 User’s Manual documentation and the Pilot’s Operating Handbook for the aircraft. Thoroughly practice basic operation prior to actual use. During flight operations, carefully compare indications from the GPSMAP 695/696 to all available navigation sources, including the information from other NAVAIDs, visual sightings, charts, etc. For safety purposes, always resolve any discrepancies before continuing navigation. WARNING: The illustrations in this...

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Warnings, Cautions & Notes NOTE: This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. NOTE: The data contained in the terrain and obstacle databases comes from government agencies. Garmin accurately processes and cross-validates the data, but does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the data. NOTE: This product, its packaging, and its components contain...

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Part Number 190-00919-00 Rev Date D November, 2008 E March, 2012 Change Summary Initial release. Description Production Release. System Software Version 2.00 - 2.20 changes: • Added separate leg and cumulative distance, ETE, and fuel fields to the flight plan pages. System Software Version 2.20-2.30 changes: • Added indication of airport CTAF frequencies to WPT page. System Software Version 2.70-2.80 changes: • • • • • Added display of plain-language PIREP text. Added display of VOR radials when airway is highlighted. Added display of country when reviewing a user waypoint. Added sea...

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Description System Software Version 4.40-4.50 changes: • Added AC-U-KWIK airport data support. System Software Version 4.70-4.80 changes: • Added display setup option to show/hide aircraft position on maps and charts. System Software Version 4.80-4.90 changes: • • • • • • • Added configurable data fields to display current climb gradient in percent or altitude gain per nautical mile. Added runway number labels to runway extension lines on map. Added Map Setup page items for adjusting visibility of water labels, park and land cover areas, runway numbers, and runway extension lines. Added...

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Description System Software Version 4.90-5.00 changes: • • Correct Disclaimer page database expiration date information Correct missing ‘Mark’ waypoint operation (695 units only) System Software Version 5.00-6.00 changes: • System Software Version 6.00-6.20 changes: • • Added TargetTrend™ Added GDL 39 Serial Pass-Through Garmin GPSMAP 695/696 Owner’s Manual

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Garmin GPSMAP 695/696 Owner’s Manual

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Garmin GPSMAP 695/696 Owner’s Manual

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Garmin GPSMAP 695/696 Owner’s Manual

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Garmin GPSMAP 695/696 Owner’s Manual

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SECTION 1 OVERVIEW 1.1 UNIT OVERVIEW Flight Planning 7” WVGA (800x480) Color Display The GPSMAP 695/696 presents GPS-derived analog flight instrumentation, position, navigation, and hazard avoidance information to the pilot using a 7” Wide VGA (800x480) color display. Power Button Hazard Avoidance SD Card Slot External GPS Antenna Connector Backlit Keypad Unit Overview External Power/Serial Port Connector Battery Pack Additional Features Garmin GPSMAP 695/696 Owner’s Manual

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BATTERY WARNINGS If these guidelines are not followed, the internal Nickel Metal Hydride battery may experience a shortened life span or may present a risk of damage to the GPS unit, fire, chemical burn, electrolyte leak, and/or injury. • Contact your local waste disposal department to properly recycle/dispose of the unit/battery. • Do not leave the unit exposed to a heat source or in a high temperature location, such as in the sun in an unattended aircraft on a hot day. To prevent damage, remove the unit from the aircraft or store it out of direct sunlight. Flight Planning BATTERY CARE AND...

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