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Elios Technical Specifications

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Flyability SA EPFL Innovation Park Building C 1015 Lausanne Switzerland +41 21 311 55 00 Elios: Technical System Description Flyability R&D – May 2016 Flight Modes Types: Manual thrust control, Automatic Altitude Control, High Speed Mode Switch between modes at any time Fail safes: Auto-landing on low-battery or signal lost On-board computing Type: Autopilot, thermal video and system management Safety fallback autopilot (redundancy), motor control Rx/Tx Module: Video and Communication, RF engines Flight System Type: Novel quadcopter configuration 4 electric brushless motors 4 propellers of 5 inches length Take-off weight: 700gr incl.battery, payload & protection Flight time: Max.climb rate: 1.5 m/s (in normal mode) 2.5 m/s (in high speed flight mode) 3 m/s (in normal mode) 7 m/s (in high speed flight mode) Wind resistance: max 5m/s (in High Speed flight mode) Flight sensors: Autopilot & control IMU, magnetometer, barometer Carbon fiber composites, magnesium alloy, aeronautical grade aluminium, High quality thermoplastics Operating temp.:

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Wireless Communication Type: Digital, bidirectional, long range Video and Data downlink to RC Command and Data uplink to UAV Range: Up to 5km in direct line of sight Remote Controller (Ground System) Type: Ergonomic Joysticks and Payload controls Integrated video outputs Output Port: HDMI, SDI, USB Controls: Payload settings and aircraft control Optional Remote Controller (Camera operator) with video stream reception on secondary System Power Type: Lithium polymer battery, 3 cells, 2800mAh, 33.08Wh Battery change: < 1 minute Integrated Payloads Payload head: Damped from vibrations Upwards...

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Main Camera Video: FHD (1920 x 1080) at 30fps, Good low light performance, recorded on board and streamed to pilot and camera operator 235 degrees (considering payload up/down rotation) Control modes: Auto with EV correction, full manual mode Thermal Camera Type: Uncooled FLIR camera core 160x120 pixels at 9fps, recorded on board and optionally streamed Lighting System Type: High efficiency LED, 5 arrays for even lighting in front, top and bottom of the robot From Ground system, adaptive light beam controlled by camera pitch, Intelligent auto mode for best pictures and lowest work load...

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Accessories Transport case: IATA compliant transport case for checked-in luggage. Dimensions (approximate): 60 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm 3A/35W Lithium Polymer battery balance charger, with charging status indicator. RC charger: 17.4V, 57W, tablet USB charger: 5V Ground Station Software Mobile Application used during Flight Features: Real Time video and UAV telemetry, status visualization (remaining battery, payload settings, warnings, etc. ), control payload settings and various configurations. Operating System: Android ,optimized for Tablet provided with UAV system Post Flight Video, Thermal and...

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