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The Horizon 2 - 1 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

The Horizon 2 The Horizon 2 was designed with the larger pilot in mind, so the cockpit has ample room for a 6'6" person weighing 280 pounds. The tandem seating arrangement eliminates the cheek to cheek seating in most other two-place aircraft. The wing of the Horizon 2 features a modified GA (W)-2 airfoil combined with slotted flaps and ailerons, giving the plane more control and less drag at all airspeeds. The wing is a quick-folding wing allowing the HORIZON 2 to be stored in a small place. You were so pleased with the Horizon 1, we introduced the Horizon 2, but they are two totally different planes. The Horizon 2 is only similar to the Horizon 1 in that they are both tandem, two place, high wing aircraft, but that's where the similarity ends. The Horizon 2 has a uniquely shaped fuselage, which gives it a cleaner, more efficient aerodynamic design accounting for the 20 mph increase in cruise speed over the Horizon 1. The aerodynamic design also allows an unusual 360 degree field of vision allowing the pilot a breathtaking view. Engine Recommendation: Continental (65, 85, or 100 hp) Fisher Flying Products 449 Hudson Drive, Unit B Dorchester, ON N0L 1G5 Canada Call us: 519-933-2055 www.fisherflying.com

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