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Catalogue excerpts

FEATURES ■ Provides three outputs simultaneously: - RS232 (serial interface voltage levels) - RS485 (Modbus RTU) allows multiple sensors to be addressed on a bus - 0...5 V analog output for basic measurements of oxygen only ■ Auto detects ppO2 or O2% variants of XYO sensor ■ RoHS compliant ELECTRICAL CONNECTION Notes: Care should be taken not to connect the 5 V supply voltage and 0 V connections the wrong way round as this may damage the interface. With power supplied correctly the green LED on the interface will illuminate. RS232 Rx and Tx and RS485 A and B (pins 5, 6, 8 and 9) are referenced to the RS232/RS485 GND (pin 7). A connection should be made between pin 7 and the reference or common connection of the RS232 serial port or RS485 bus. Care should be taken when connecting the RS485 A and B connections to your system. The EIA-485 signalling specification states that signal A is the inverting or '-' pin and signal B is the non-inverting or '+' pin. This is in conflict with the A and B naming used by a number of differential transceiver manufacturers, including the transceiver used in the ZBXYO interface. Therefore always ensure the ‘+' of the ZBXYO interface is connected to the ‘+' input of the RS485 Bus and the ‘-' of the ZBXYO interface is connected to the ‘-' input of the RS485 Bus. First Sensor^ www.first-sensor.com

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PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS (At ambient conditions, TA=20 °C, PA=1013 mbar. Following extreme temperature fluctuations, re-calibration may be required.) Poll Mode (M 1) Each request is built using a combination of the description blocks. A typical arrangement will be one of the following formats: <Command><Terminator> <Command><Separator><Argument><Terminator> Each response will be in the following format: <Command><Separator><Argument><Terminator> First Sensor^ www.first-sensor.com

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Command description Description of all commands and the valid arguments that can be applied to the interface when in Poll Mode (M1). All commands are case sensitive. Stream Mode (M 0) By default stream mode is initiated on sensor power-up and will supply an output string approximately once every second. This provides the data for ppO2 , Temperature, Pressure, %O2 and Sensor Status. The format and equivalent block description is as follows: "O xxxx.x T yxx.x P xxxx % xxx.xx e xxxx\r\n" <Command><Separator><Argument><Separator> ... <Command><Separator><Argument><Terminator> E / 11819 / A    3/6 First...

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RS485 MODBUS OUTPUT RS485 Modbus setup The modbus interface is configured using the following setup: Specification notes: 1. If any changes are made to the holding registers 0x9C41 to 0x9C44 the changes will not be applied until 0x9C45 is set to “1”. At this point, if the changes made are valid, the new settings will be committed to memory and communication will be lost until the RS485 master is reconfigured to the same settings. 2. The 0...5 V analog output is default to represent the variant of the sensor connected to the interface, so if the sensor attached is a ppO2 variant (XYOM300N) the...

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ppO2 variant (with XYOM300N sensor) The current ppO2 level can be calculated as follows: Where: ppO2 = Current ppO2 in mbar V = Analog voltage on the signal output First Sensor^ www.first-sensor.com

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ZBXYO Series Evaluation interface board for XYO optical oxygen sensors OUTLINE DRAWING ORDERING INFORMATION Series ZB X YO Evaluation interface board for XYO optical oxygen sensors* * Please order the XYO sensor separately First Sensor reserves the right to make changes to any products herein. First Sensor does not assume any liability arising out of the application or use of any product or circuit described herein, neither does it convey any license under its patent rights nor the rights of others. E / 11819 / A

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