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FEATURES ■ Oxygen measuring range 0...300 mbar ppO2 and temperature measurement ■ Optional pressure sensor enables additional 0...25 %O2 measurements ■ Non-depleting optical technology (fluorescence quenching by oxygen) ■ Factory calibrated ■ Low power operation ■ 3.3 V TTL level RS232 interface ■ RoHS compliant ELECTRICAL CONNECTION Maximum ratings Supply voltage    4.5...5.5 VDC (streaming 1 sample per second) <20 mA peak Temperature limits Storage Operating Barometric pressure range ppO2 output    100...1400 mbar Humidity limits (non-condensing)    0...98 %RH Note: Always apply power to the sensor pins 1 and 2 before attempting to communicate on pins 3 and 4. Pins are on a 2.54 mm grid for PCB mounting via sockets or hand soldering with a no-clean flux (do not put the sensor through a PCB washing process) First Sensor^ www.first-sensor.com

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PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS (Ta=20 °C, Pa=1013 mbar. Following extreme temperature fluctuations, re-calibration may be required.) Poll Mode (M 1) Each request is built using a combination of the description blocks. A typical arrangement will be one of the following: <Command><Terminator> <Command><Separator><Argument><Terminator> Each response will be in the following format: <Command><Separator><Argument><Terminator> Note: Use the frame terminator "\r\n" to detect that the response has been received before sending the next request. A time out should also be included and should be no less than...

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Command description Description of all commands and the valid arguments that can be applied to the interface when in Poll Mode (M1). All commands are case sensitive. First Sensor^ www.first-sensor.com

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Stream Mode (M 0) By default stream mode is initiated on sensor power-up and will supply an output string approximately once every second. This provides the data for ppO2 , Temperature, Pressure, %O2 and Sensor Status. The format and equivalent block description is as follows: "O xxxx.x T yxx.x P xxxx % xxx.xx e xxxx\r\n" <Command><Separator><Argument><Separator> ... <Command><Separator><Argument><Terminator> Off Mode (M 2) In this mode, the sensor stops taking measurements and current consumption reduces to less than 6 mA constantly. ORDERING INFORMATION Series First Sensor reserves the right...

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