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Technical parameters Services - Microelectronic packaging technologies - Sealed power components such as power transistors or circuits integrated as power modules - Modern cleanroom manufacturing facilities - Quality management system according to EN 9100 and EN ISO 13485 Certificates First Sensor Lewicki GmbH is certified as Assembly- and Test-House for power MOSFETs since July 2014 by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) to build up, encapsulate and screen power semiconductors for space applications. The assembly of high voltage diodes is currently under qualification according to the ESCC5000 standard. First components will be available by end of 2017! Case dimensions Parameters    Value Parameters    Value Forward voltage    < 2.0 V @ 750 mA Leakage current    < 10 p,A @ 1200 V Breakdown voltage    > 1400 V @ 50 p,A Thermal impedance    < 20 K/W Maximum ratings Parameters    Value Working reverse voltage    1200 V TID radiation hardness    8000 krad Aluminiumnitride (AlN) LCC2 package fits popular D-5B MELF packages About First Sensor Lewicki GmbH First Sensor Lewicki GmbH (FSL) was founded in 1967. As a specialist for hybrid circuits and considerably influenced by space applications from the start, FSL soon established itself as a pioneer of thick-film circuits in space and aerospace technology, defense technology, safety technology, medical technology, and industrial electronics. FSL hybrid circuits are synonymous with highly reliable electronics and are used throughout the world. The technological spectrum includes all electronic packaging technologies for components and circuits as well as various in-house screening capabilities. June 2017, subject to change without notice First Sensor Lewicki GmbH    Kontakt/Contact    Geschaftsfuhrer/Managing Director    Eingetragen/Registered Germany    lewicki@first-sensor.com

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