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MEMS inertial sensors First Sensor features a highly innovative technology platform for manufacturing high-precision inertial sensors for geoengineering, condition monitoring or navigation applications. The MEMS sensors allow for flexible customization to fit your individual application requirements. Inclinometers and accelerometers Our capacitive inclinometers and accelerometers are based on single crystal silicon sensor elements and utilize state-of-the-art micromachining technology to achieve large signal-to noise ratios and excellent stability over temperature. Therefore, they are able to detect extremely small changes in inclination or acceleration. Due to high aspect ratio microstructures (HARMS) the sensors feature ultra-low cross axis sensitivities. Further, the patented highly flexible AIM (Air gap Insulated Microstructures) technology minimizes parasitic capacitances. Features of the sensor system –– Ultra-low cross axis sensitivity due to HARMS technology –– Thin-film free mechanical components, single crystal silicon based –– Minimizing of parasitic capacitances due to insulation of the functional components by air gap –– Complete dry processing –– Excellent thermal performance –– Large signal-to-noise ratio –– Mechanical over-damped to reduce parasitic signals –– Customer specific measurement ranges due to flexible adjustment of mass, spring and damping –– Dual axis measurement –– Geoengineering –– Excellent stability over temperature –– Condition monitoring –– Digital interface (I²C or SPI) –– Navigation –– Shock survival 2000 g –– Security systems –– Hermetically sealed package –– Platform control and stabilization –– Customized sensor solutions for packaging –– Tilt sensing and leveling and signal processing –– Industrial applications Subject to change with

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Accelerometers Parameter Scale factor (repeatability)    ±35    ppm Scale factor (temperature coefficient)    ±50    ppm/K Bias (temperature coefficient)    ±0.0025    °/K Noise density    < 0.0004    °/VHz Output data rate (max.)    1600    Hz Digital interface    SPI Packaging and samples The inertial sensors are packaged in a tailored ceramic housing with 28 pins, that is similar to a standard LCC28 package (11.4x11.4x2.0 mm). Please contact us for more information regarding pinout, external circuitry or configuration of your device. In addition, sensor modules for easy-to-use read-out and...

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