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First Sensor Lewicki GmbH INDUSTRY SPACE AEROSPACE First Sensor Lewicki GmbH in SHORT • • • • Electrical and thermal circuit layout Prototyping and series production Hybrid and PCB technology Procurement of devices and components supported by active obsolescence monitoring • Assembly and packaging of components • Reliability guaranteed by electrical, mechanical and thermal design • Screening and qualification for industry, space and military applications according to IPC, ESCC, MIL and other standards How to contact us First Sensor Lewicki GmbH Allee 35 89610 Oberdischingen Germany Phone: +49 7305 9602-0 Mail: Web: DEFENCE HEALTHCARE Certifications & quality systems Example applications HYBRIDS PCB-BASED ELECTRONICS DISCRETE SPACE SEMICONDUCTORS Company profile First Sensor Lewicki GmbH offers highly reliable electronics for industry, healthcare, aerospace, space and military applications. We have built up more than 40 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and testing of electronics. Within our production plant, including a clean-room (class ISO 7) with an area > 400 m², we accompany our customers from the first idea to the assembly and packaging of circuits from prototyping to series production. Our technology allows mechanical, optical, electrical and environmental screening according to e.g. MIL and ESCC standards. Signal processing plane for stereo camera Mars Express Power electronics for motor control Fibre-coupled optical device Actuator electronic Power semiconductors for space application Active human implant Since 2014 we are a certified Assembly- and Test-House (ATH) of DLR for power MOSFETs. Diodes

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Technology SUBSTRATE MATERIALS • Wafer sawing • Bare dies from 0.25 mm to 80 mm • Pick and place with high accuracy down to 10 µm • Mounting with solder, adhesive, glass and silver sintering • Flip-chip / stud bump mounting • Bonding with Al (17 - 500 µm), Au (17 - 32 µm) wires • Ribbon bonds for RF applications Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) Aluminium nitride (AlN) Direct copper bonded (DCB) Insulated metal substrate (IMS) Low temperature cofired ceramics (LTCC) • Printed circuit boards (PCB) - FRx - Flex-/flex-rigids - Rogers • Stainless steel • Heat spreaders for thermal management (AlG, CuMo, AlSiC) THICK...

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