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Catalogue excerpts

First Sensor® We are there when visions become everyday life.

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Sensing innovations Today, 25 years after its foundation in Berlin, First Sensor AG is one of the world‘s leading providers of sensor technology. More than 800 employees are working to find early solutions to the challenges of the future with innovative products. Based on tried-and-tested technology platforms, First Sensor develops and produces standard products and customer-specific solutions for the ever-increasing number of applications in the industrial, medical, and mobility target markets. The digitalization pervading practically all areas of life is an integral element of not just industry...

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We are there when smart things become standard. The fourth industrial revolution has begun and will change both people‘s lives and the global economy forever. Entire work processes and production processes are reshaped in smart factories. The intelligent networking of the physical and virtual world in the socalled Industry 4.0 enables the automated production of highly customized products. 4 First Sensor shapes this vision of a smart future with sensors for intelligently controlled production. For example, safety light barriers and grids ensure that automated processes can operate hazard-free....

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We are there when mobility is redefined. We are at the beginning of a new era of mobility. The near future will be a multimobile era where transport will interact in an intelligent network and driving will become considerably safer. Today, new cars are already equipped with driver assistance systems from automatic stop-start systems to parking assist systems and options for semi-autonomous driving. 6 Sensors open up new opportunities to implement mobile applications economically, conveniently and sustainably. First Sensor develops solutions that will bring self-driving cars, commercial vehicles...

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We are there when little miracles start being taken for granted. Sensors play an ever more important role in medical technology with the aim of making medical devices even safer while simplifying their operation. Just a whisper is needed for that first breath: First Sensor products are used in incubators to support the sensitive lungs of newborns. Making little miracles a matter of course also means to us that we develop sensor solutions that are ever smaller and more effective. They ensure that parts of the diagnosis and treatment can be decentralized and that medical care can increasingly be...

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Future made in Germany As a manufacturer of innovations which are „made in Germany,“ we are active in many markets worldwide and count renowned industrial groups and also young technology companies among our customers. They appreciate the opportunity to make individual adjustments at every stage of the value chain in order to create exceptionally powerful sensor chips, sensors and sensor systems. 10 First Sensor shapes the digitalization of industry and society with applications that are developed through the use of multi-sensory systems. The sensors communicate with each other and respond intelligently...

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Peter-Behrens-Str. 15 12459 Berlin, Germany

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