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TITANIUM ALLOY TI 3AI/2.5V 9 finetubes Alloy Ti 3AI/2.5V (UNS R56320) AVAILABLE TUBE PRODUCT FORMS TUBING APPLICATIONS Ti 3AI/2.5V alloy is a near alpha, alpha-beta alloy, sometimes referred to as "half-6-4." It offers 20 to 50% higher tensile strength than the commercially pure titanium at room and elevated temperatures. It is much more amenable to cold working than Ti 6AI/4V alloy and can be cold worked 75 to 85% to result in moderately high strength and good ductility. Furthermore, it is weldable as the commercially pure grades and has excellent resistance to torsion and corrosion. Therefore, it is used principally as tubing in aircraft hydraulic systems and as foil in aircraft honeycomb panels. Its applications include aerospace parts, sport equipments, medical and dental implants. STRAIGHT SEAMLESS typical manufacturing specifications AMS 4945 Also individual customer specifications. typical applications ARCHITECTURE MEDICAL MARINE PROCESSING & CHLORATE MANUFACTURING DIMENSIONAL STABLE ANODES DESALINATION PLANTS industries predominantly using this grade CHEMICAL PROCESSES MEDICAL AEROSPACE AUTOMOTIVE Technical Data mechanical properties physical properties (Room Temperature) chemical composition (% by weight) Disclaimer: The information contained within this data sheet is for guidance only and is not intended for warranty of individual application - express or implied. AMETEK SPECIALTY METAL PRODUCTS

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