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Catalogue excerpts

Design litter bins and ashtrays

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FinBin® Litter Bin Series We keep your environment clean Looking for something exquisite? Ele- gant FinBin® litter bins enhance the environmentand reduce littering with their discreet Nordic design. These timeless and durable bins are ideal For demanding surroundings where safety and recycling matter. Designed for both outdoor and in- door use, the FinBin range provides the right choice for parks, streets and recreation grounds as well as for offices, passenger terminals, shopping malls and other public Fastening Alternatives Different sizes, fastening options and generous selection of colours offer...

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The shape of Ellipse represents the most innovative design in the Fin- Bin® Litter Bin Series - and the most FinBin® fastening alternatives can be used! This award-winner was de- signed by Heikki Merilainen. The precisely measured shape and size of the aperture keeps the rain and birds out. The hinged door opens sideways, at the same time remov- ing the top providing free access for with a cigarette disposal unit. The ashtray is placed on top of the litter lipse bins are supplied in stainless steel or powder coated gal- vanised steel. Ellipse Series Material thickness See Fastening alternatives...

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Novus Series The Finbin® Novus litter bin serie is a stylish solu- tion for any environment: For streets, parks, com- mercial Facilities, indoors and outdoors. Six sizes oF Novus litter bins, diFFerent Fixture options and col- our options makes it really Flexible litter bin serie. Novus 50, 80,120,160, 200 and FlipTop models. Available accessories For the Fixing: ground post For embedding, post For the surFace Fixing, cylindrical pedestal, wall Fixture, post Fixture. The basic Novus bins can be equipped with a side ashtray tube. Basic models have hinged door with a lock Novus FlipTop opens upwards steel...

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FinBin® City Series was designed by Hannu Kahonen For the City of Helsinki, Finland. FinBin® Products brought its expertise litter bin products. The product planning was based on studies carried out on how to empty a litter bin easily, safely and ef- ficiently. At the same time, special atten- tion was paid to developing the product's strength against vandalism and other me- chanical stress. The timeless design of the FinBin® City Series fits into any surrounding. Its numer- ous sizes, fastening options as well as the wide selection of colours offer an abun- dance of opportunities to build a uniform look...

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Thanks to their contemporary design, the Unique Series bins are the right choice For even the most demanding surroundings. Floor ashtray also availa- ble with the same design. The standard material is stainless steel, which gives a distinguished ap- pearance and durability - but iF need- vanised powder coated steel. Unique Series bins can be equipped with a recycling mask for selective col- lection oF diFFerent waste Fractions: e.g. paper and PET bottles. The bins have either a liner or a bag Frame and can be Fitted with a cigarette disposal unit. Also available with an adjustable base, which...

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Bermuda Series Fire-extinguishing Hinged lid equipped Design guides users. Recycling labels structure with triangular lock, Recycling masks available. pivoting bag Frame. available as option. Bermuda Triple Bermuda Double Bermuda Quad Bermuda Series Bermuda Quad Bermuda Triple Bermuda Double reFuse sack Powder coated galvanised steel Powder coated galvanised steel Powder coated galvanised steel Powder coated galvanised steel Accessories: Recycling masks For bottles, coloured aperture rims, recycling labels. Bermuda Quad Bermuda Triple Bermuda Double

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Wave Series The Finbin® Wave series is a stylish recycling bin collection which Fits for many surroundings: shop- ping malls, airports and terminals, fair grounds etc. Wave series has been designed For the collection oF diFFerent waste Fractions in public premises. The bins can be equipped with aperture masks and cus- tomised labels to guide the recycling. Wave series are open top bins which can be also equipped with arched covers. The Wave is available in materials suitable For outdoor and indoor use. Standard colours are powder coated metallic black (both body and top) and stainless steel body...

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Edge is a modular recycling bin serie. It is designed For indoor use and is a stylish solution eg. For shop- ping centres, airports, shops and offices. The Flexi- ble modular system oFFers a practical solution and a recycling station For any need. The Finbin® Edge is flexible, modular waste collection sys- tem. Edge bins are available with different recycling lids, and several bins in a row form a uniform recycling station. Waste signages on the lid are laser cut in stainless steel. Additional recycling labels are also available. Standard colours are powder coated metallic black (both body and...

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Oval, Archie & Arena 65 FinBin® litter bin series oFFers also a variety oF sack holders. They are sim- signs, which are at home where ever Oval 150 litter bin For indoor use. The Front oF the bin is a hinged door that can be locked. Inside, there is ei- ther a steel liner with handles or a bag Frame For a 1501 sack. Oval is also avail- able with two apertures, one at the Oval can be supplied with a Fire saFe- Archie can be used From both sides. When emptying the bin, you turn the hinged arch up and open the hinged door to change the sack. Thousands oF Archies have been sold For use in grocery...

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The Finbin® Litter Bin Series offer a varia- tion oF cigarette disposal units For taking care oF the environment in smoking ar- eas. Functional but elegant and graceful designs have been careFully considered to make sure that the ashtrays are neat, easy There are stylish models For both in- doors and outdoors use From Free stand- ing units to posts and versatile Fastening options to inner and outer walls. The ma- terial is durable stainless steel and designs resemble FinBin® litter bin designs. Crate is a Free-standing cigaret- te disposal unit For out-door use. The holes in the stubbing plate prevent...

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