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Catalog excerpts

HI-MILL ISOGRAPH CAD - CAM Software for high speed milling Giving shape to design

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ISOGRAPH is a 2^D CAD/CAM with a highly innovative user interface that is especially suited to the workshop environment. It is ideal when machining operations must be programmed and executed rapidly, such as the machining of pockets, smoothing, machining of profiles, drilling, boring. Isograph can be perfectly integrated on the FIDIA Numerical Control, but its potential can also be appreciated in stand-alone use on an ordinary Personal Computer. The use of soft keys and the mouse allow for easy and immediate interaction by all operators, with no specific knowledge of programming being required. ISOGRAPH...

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defining profiles ISOGRAPH is equipped with a powerful and intuitive GRAPHICS EDITOR for defining geometric elements and profiles. The operator has no need to learn a specific programming language or the syntax of particular ISO functions. The soft keys guide him, by means of icons, as he defines the geometric profiles. Rotations, offset and translations can also be applied to the profiles. machining profiles Profiles, however defined (ISO, Graphics Editor, DWG/DXF), can be compensated on one of the main planes, or on any positioned plane. 2D radius compensation on any reference plane can also...

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DXF/DWG and IGES reading fixed cycles ISOGRAPH imports maths written in DWG/DXF and IGES formats. ISOGRAPH enables to machine its own profiles: generating tool radius compensation paths, re-machining of residual material, pocket machining and to associate fixed cycles (G82, G83, etc.) to elementary geometric elements. ISOGRAPH simplifies complex maths thanks to its layer management (logic programming levels). ISOGRAPH is equipped with a wide range of fixed cycles: ■ drilling (G82, G83, G182, G183) ■ tapping (G84, G184) ■ boring (G85, G86, G185, G186) ■ deep drilling (G282) ■ helical drilling for...

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Machining pockets using ISOGRAPH is particularly efficient owing to the powerful operator interface that enables the following to be defined: ■ the profile to be machined (circular, rectangular, straight/circular slots or generic), ■ depth and inclination of side walls, ■ machining strategy (contouring or zigzag), ■ machining typology (roughing or finishing), ■ technological parameters for the generation of tool paths, ■ the tool's most appropriate approach, ■ machining allowance on pocket sides and bottom. It is also possible to generate paths with no abrupt changes of direction that are particularly...

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HI-MILL the workshop CAM HI-MILL is the software that produces tool paths for the milling of complex forms. Its simple and intrinsic approach adapts perfectly to the modern workshop while its solutions are expressly suited for complex and innovative technology such as that of High Speed. Thanks to its optional module HI-MILL is able to read clouds of points that describe the form of a physical object and are used for milling. This applies to clouds of points obtained by scanning with an analog tracer, a laser or using optical systems. A specific algorithm has been specially developed in order...

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3 axes + 2 easily programmable With machine tools equipped with rotary heads, it is extremely important to already be able to program the positioning of the tool axis in space during the tool path calculation phase. In this way, the milling enjoys all the advantages of this programming, namely: a better use of spindle power, an optimum tool yield, a high surface quality and the ability to machine undercut zones. HI-MILL offers advanced solutions for this type of machining providing for, among other things, the definition of the starting rough shape (rough model) which is used during the processing...

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high speed milling with HI-MILL The HI-MILL CAM has from the outset been a highly recommended tool for generating high speed milling paths. The complexity of this technology means special attention is given to the way in which the tool moves and cuts into the material to be removed and traces its trajectories. Simple but effective options control entry of the tool into the material in any condition. HI-MILL is able to generate paths with no abrupt changes of direction e therefore particularly suited to high speed. With respect to the preceding machining, the software calculates each pass comprising...

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HI-MILL is able to modify CAD objects forming the triangle model and to add new objects. Transformation Functions: ■ TRIM ■ DELETE ■ TRANSLATE ■ ROTATE ■ SCALE BLANK It enables to hide CAD objects by removing them from view (they become transparent). The hidden objects are however stored in the related file so that they can be later restored. The function to temporarily hide some objects is particularly useful to help to view and select objects placed on the background. After these operations, however, the hidden objects will have to be restored otherwise they will not be considered when calculating...

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Two offset modes are available: g Absolute: the specified value expresses the offset according to the surface’s original dimensions when its offset was zero. g Relative: the specified value expresses the offset according to the surface’s effective shape. This is the most frequent used mode. Creation of new cad objects HI-MILL enables to add to the model new flat surfaces parallel to the XY plane of different shapes (rectangular, circular, polygonal). Such surfaces can be employed to cover, for example, any possible faults on the input files used to outline the project, or to protect a file from...

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of the rough part by contouring of the rough part by parallel passes of the rough part by merging with fluidity of movement by re-machining stock thickness with cycloid movement

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Service centres: FIDIA SPA - SERVICE UK 2 Nene Crescent Corby Northants NN 172 JQ - UNITED KINGDOM Tel./Fax: +44 (0)1536504018 ian.houston3@ntlworld.com FIDIA GmbH - SERVICE CZ CZ- 74706 Opava Tel/Fax +420 553 654 402 e-mail: j.vecerek@fidia.de MUSTEK Takim Tezgahlari San.Tic.Ltd.Sti. IMES Sanayi Sitesi C. Block 305 Sk. No.7 Dudullu 34776 Istanbul - TURKEY Tel.: +90 216 5401919 Fax: +90 216 5404887 mustek@mustektt.com P.V. ELECTRONIC SERVICES C.C. P.O. Box 96 Hunters Retreat 6017 Port Elisabeth SOUTH AFRICA Tel. +27 41 3715143 Fax +27 41 3715143 pvanek@sancelink.co.za AXIS SYSTEMS Flat No.9, Building...

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