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A Full Range of Type Specific Flight Simulation from F2Si

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MOTUS® Type Specific A Full Range of Type Specific Flight Simulation from F2Si King Air 300/RC-12x with Universal 890R Avionics Suite Complete with our 6-DoF, all-electric motion base and high resolution, wraparound external visual display, F2Si’s versatile simulation platform can replicate almost any aircraft type, fixed wing or helicopter. From FAA AATD to FAA Level 6 and FNPT2 ,F2Si offers a specific solution for any training applicaion. Cirrus SR22 with functional CAPS handle F2Si customizes the design of each type specific flight simulation device to meet the training requirements of the customer. F2Si offers full cockpit replication, with as little or as much systems functionality needed to satisfy your training curriculum. By providing only the functionality required by the customer, F2Si lowers the cost, making full motion simulation projects increasingly feasible. The type specific units can be sold as fixed base or with an affordable full motion option. In fact, it is so affordable that over 90% of our customers have chosen to include motion. The six degrees-of-freedom all electric motion base offers exceptional acceleration in pitch, roll, yaw, heave, surge, and sway axes. The design of the motion base maximizes ease-of-maintenance and the base’s patented interface ensures that the motion cueing accurately replicates the sensations experienced in real flight. Aviation insurance underwriters have advocated full motion flight simulation for years, and F2Si has made it affordable for any training application. MOTUS® is Full Motion Flight Simulation • Stimulated or Simulated Avionics • High resolution visual display • Full cockpit & systems replication • OEM Components Stimulated Garmin G1000 Avionics with Synthetic Vision High Fidelity using OEM components UNS-1Fw Flight Management System with WAAS capability 1815 Parkway View Drive | Pittsburgh, PA 15205 | Phone 412.321.3280 | Fax

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High Resolution, High Value The flight simulation devices feature F2Si’s multi-channel LCD Mosaic Wall external visual display, offering a higher standard of resolution and brightness than any projected display. The display works perfectly in concert The MOTUS® Type Specific Flight Simulation Device with the motion base to provide total flight immersion in a compact footprint. Also included is a worldwide topographical, airport, and navaid database that can be edited to meet customer requirements. Updates can also be performed by the customer at a later date to match real life terrain and...

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